You don't sit around waiting for opportunities to just fall in your lap. You're a ferocious Barracuda! You hunt for and eat opportunities for Breakfast, lunch and dinner! And this spring black floral tie will give you even more tenacious veracity as you're out hunting. Here are 3 ways the Barracuda can help you close that next business deal.

  1. Trick your prey, I mean client, with the subtle beauty of the seafoam and blush flowers against the deep black background. Once they’re lulled into carnal security you can strike with ferocious speed. To close the deal of course.
  2. Want to impress rather than attack? Clean your phone with the microfiber tipping on the back of the tie. They’ll be so flabbergasted they’ll have no choice but to say yes.
  3. Purposely spill your drink on your tie to make them think you’re incredibly nervous. Then use their pity against them and show them how spills simply roll off the tie due it’s liquid repellent fabric. While they’re awestruck strike with ferocious speed. Dang it. We mean drop a value bomb on them and close the deal.

Whichever tactic you decide to use you’ll have the confidence of knowing your spring black floral tie is there to help you seal the deal.


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