• Tough Tie on Shark Tank

    You're probably wondering how in the world we got our staple product "Tough Tie" on Shark Tank. Just two random dudes and a man-baby pitching a panel of blood thirsty investors with their revamped necktie. Yep, we were wondering how the heck we got there too! So, let us run you through a little bit of the history before stepping onto that infamous rug in "the tank".

    A Really "Tough" Tie

    Baby Spitup. As weird as that sounds that's the genesis of these Shark Tank ties. Back in 2015 Kevin and I both started having kids, and after going home from a long day of working in real estate our wives would hand us our beautiful babies...... who would immediately regurgitate milk and pureed turkey all over us. The shirt washed. The tie didn't. So over the next 12 months we developed a crazy durable "tough tie" that could not only be machine washed, but also fixed all the other dumb stuff with traditional ties. We used an iron-lock stitch instead of a slip stitch, we added a microfiber tip for you to clean your phone or glasses, and we sourced a special liquid repellent fabric to make it even more spill-proof.

    Tough Tie converted to Tough Apparel after launching more life-proof products for Men

    More Than Just Ties....

    After honing The Tough Tie we decided that dudes deserved to be covered in durable, innovative and stylish gear from head to toe. Not just from neck to crotch. So we converted our company from Tough Tie to Tough Apparel and launched our perfect fitting Ratchet Belts and our super comf and fun Tough Apparel Socks. Don't you dare think for a second that we're done either. Many more Tough Apparel products are in the works, set to launch over the coming months.

    "You should go on Shark Tank!"

    If we had a penny for every time someone said this phrase we'd have at least 47 pennies. But legitimately, from the second we started selling our Tough Ties people were telling us they'd love to see us on the show.

    And we agreed! We've been Shark Tank watchers for years and both dreamed about a Tough Tie Shark Tank wedding. But how the heck do you compete with 40,000 applicants a year? Well, it's a super intense secret and if we told you we'd have to kill you. J/K, our strategy was actually suuuuuuper simple. We had fun! Guess what? Shark Tank may feature real investors and real products and companies, but let's not forget what it is at it's core...Reality TV.

    And what makes Reality TV so good? The "Real" part!

    So we began the long and arduous journey of applying to shark tank and made sure to stay true to who we are along the way. And who are we? You might be asking. Just two dudes that wanna help other dudes have the confidence to go out and conquer life, and oh yeah, have fun while they're doing it.