Modern Men’s Ties, Belts, and More

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Tough Apparel was created to help you have the confidence you need to go out and SLAY the day. NO MATTER WHAT, or WHO you are, or WHERE you are. Because YOU MATTER to us. And we will all get through life together. Welcome to the TOUGH FAM.


Men’s ties have remained unchanged and terrible for far too long—nearly impossible to clean, easy to wrinkle, and if you happen to spill on them, game over. At Tough Apparel, we imagined what a better tie would look and feel like, and then we made it happen.

Our modern men’s ties are liquid repellent, so most spills will fall right off instead of soaking in. If something penetrates the liquid repellent barrier, just toss it into the washing machine—it’s that simple. Glasses wearer? You’ll love the microfiber tip, which is perfect for quickly wiping your lenses without worrying about scratches.

In addition to our game-changing modern men’s ties, we also offer ratchet belts in a variety of styles: your choice of canvas or leather belt straps in a huge range of colors, as well as buckles in your choice of styles and finishes. To complete your look, choose from our collection of insanely comfortable socks for almost any occasion. From our machine-washable ties to our belts and socks, we create stylish accessories for the modern man (and boys, too).

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