Weekend Shirts

Performance Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

Ever been to the beach? Ever worn pajamas? Have you done both at the same time? These buttery soft shirts are the best fitting, most comfortable shirt in the universe. Work week, weekend, outdoors, indoors, you can do it all. In comfort. and style. and confidence.

Stylish and practical, there’s no question about it—our line of button up shirts are a staple for an active man’s wardrobe. We created the performance short-sleeve button-ups to be worn every day and suit every occasion. Wear them to work, to the golf course, to the beach, hiking, dining, etc. They look incredible and the silky soft stretch material provides a comfortable all-day fit. These modern short sleeve button-ups are made from a wrinkle-resistant material, allowing for a clean, fresh look all day long. Once worn, there is no need to bring it to a laundromat or follow complex washing instructions; simply throw it in the washing machine and proceed with your day. Our performance short-sleeve button-up shirts are made from a lightweight, breathable material, perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer days.