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    It’s easy to be as stylish as Mr. Bond himself in the cooler months with suits, dark jeans and button ups. But nailing Summer style can be a little trickier, and sweatier. These 5 Style Tips will help you confidently conquer this Summer in cool comfort


    #1 - Keep it Cool


    As in, wear lightweight and breathable fabrics! Here in AZ things get real spicy in the summer, like consistent 110° spicy. So wearing breathable fabrics is the only way to prevent melting like Elphaba the second you step outside. Natural fibers like Cotton and Linen are always safe bets, but even synthetics can be incredibly comfortable in the Summer IF you find the right ones. Wear the wrong synthetic and you may as well wrap your body in garbage bags like your brother did in high school when he was trying to make weight for his wrestling match. The point is, don’t torture yourself with anything heavy in the summer.




    #2 - Above the Knee

    Listen Dad, I get it, you had those cool baggy shorts in the 90’s that were essentially oversized capris. That ain’t the thing anymore. Your shorts have got to be above the knee. Not only is this highly fashionable but it’s also much cooler and less restrictive. But before you go all extreme and cut those jeans into Daisy Dukes, the rule of thumb is 1-3 inches above the knee. More than that and the neighbors will call the cops. Less than that and you turn into Adam Sandler. I know he’s funny, but please don’t dress like him. Colors and fabrics are less important, but sticking with light colors and light fabrics, for comfort’s sake, is your best bet.




    #3 - Pattern Up

    You should like this tip Mr. Tommy Bahama. If there’s one time of year it’s acceptable to wear those bright and crazy patterns, it’s Summer time. Patterned button down shirts are a great way to relax and dress up all at the same time. The only rule to follow is not to clash patterns against each other. If you decide to rock your pineapple shorts like a boss then stick with a solid t-shirt on top. And Vice Versa. If you decide to rock the Party Snack SSBD then pair it with some khaki or white shorts just above the knee. If you’re looking for a fun patterned button down shirt then check out our Weekend Shirts. These check off box #1 and #3.




    #4 - Ditch the Socks

    I know those white tube socks are freaking rad as heck, but sometimes you gotta let those ankles breathe! Birkenstocks may have been strictly for Grandpas in 2019, but it’s 2021 now and they're at the top of the sand castle no matter which decade you were born in. Pairing a nice set of leather birks with some solid linen shorts and a patterned button down will land you right on the cover of GQ. Grab a few pairs of no-show socks for those occasions where the "stocks" won’t cut it and you have to wear “real” shoes.




    #5 - Rock a T

    As in, T-Shirt. I’m a T-Shirt guy through and through and there’s nothing better than throwing on a comfy and breathable t-shirt on a squelching summer day. Follow tip #1 with your t’s to stay comfy, and stick with light colors as much as possible. A summer t shouldn’t squeeze your body either. A little bit of flow and space is a good thing as long as it doesn’t look like you draped a tent over yourself. There’s a plethora of options when it comes to t-shirts and summer is the time to explore them.



    There you have it, 5 tips to help you dominate this Summer in Style and Comfort.


    Stay tuned for more style tips for normal dudes, from normal dudes!

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