• March 12, 2021 3 min read

    Floral Ties are one of the guaranteed ways to generate some double takes from all the hotties in the room. But some guys just aren't comfortable with Floral patterns. Well here's our top 3 Tips to help you rock one with Confidence. 


    Pick a Floral PATTERN you're comfortable with

    Typically when a guy hears "floral tie" he automatically assumes it's the same floral pattern from his grandma's couch that he played on when he was a wee little boy. But not all floral ties are created equal. There's a plethora of floral patterns to choose from.  From loud and bright to soft and subtle and everything in-between. For those first time floral wearers we suggest a more basic floral pattern like our Slater, Crater or Burgunator. Rather than having lots of big bright colors these ties have a simple floral silhouette pattern with a solid Charcoal, Blue or Burgundy background.


    We call them our “intro” floral ties. But if you’re comfortable with the more intense floral patterns then by all means, grab a Saguaro or Barracuda. The point here is that by spending a little time finding the right pattern, you can glean all the benefits of wearing a floral tie without feeling like you have to hand over your man card. 

    Match the Occasion or Season

    Really wanna impress your smokin’ hot significant other? Pick a floral pattern that matches the occasion or the season. Headed to a wedding? Find out what the colors are ahead of time and do your best to coordinate with your tie. Even if your not in the Wedding party when you show up in that one random picture your tie will match the colors instead of making you stand out like Cousin Eddie. Headed out on a sexy date and want to dress up? What time of year is it? If it’s Springtime grab a green, pink or light blue floral tie.

    Wintertime? Grab a deeper blue or purple one. If you’re a guy you may not think the “Season” or “Occasion” is all that important, but trust me, she does. So putting in that little extra effort up front to make sure you’re tie coordinates will go a long way after the date, if you know what I mean. 

    Choose a WIDTH that you're comfortable with

    One thing you do have total control over when picking that floral tie is the width. Skinny floral ties might be popular, but if you’re a bigger dude and feel like a skinny tie ends up looking like a string around your neck hanging over your big broad chest, then go with a traditional width floral tie instead. Or if you like the more modern look but skinny is still too..well..skinny, then grab a modern width 3” tie. Just remember, the wider the tie the more real estate it covers and the more attention it will garner. So if you’re going out on a limb by wearing a floral tie in the first place, and decide a wider width will help you maintain confidence, then sticking with a more subtle pattern will help too. 

    At the end of the day remember that your partner will be staring at your tie a lot more than you will. So even you have to step slightly out of your comfort zone, if it makes them happy and gets you that "lip bit" look, then that’s a step worth taking. But following the above three tips will also help you take that step with confidence. 

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