• April 09, 2021 3 min read

    With how crazy the world is sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s acceptable to wear certain things, and when it’s not. 

    Which is why we’ve broken down the 3 places you absolutely should, and shouldn’t, wear a floral short sleeve button down. 

    Let’s start with the Shoulds. 

    Should #1: On a Hot Date

    Women love floral patterns! And a man who can cover approximately half of his body in one is at least 50% more likely to end that date with a goodnight smooch. If you really want to seal the deal you could even have her pick out the shirt for you to wear on the date. Some people might think that’s weird. I call it love. 

    Should #2 - Work

    If you don’t work in a bank or morgue and there’s no other dress guidelines then work is a great place to rock a floral short sleeve button down. Or if you’re one of the bajillions of people working from home now then this’ll be even easier. Pants are optional. 

    Should #3 - The Beach

    If there’s one place that a floral short sleeve button down is 100% at home, it’s the beach. It’s proven that wearing one here will increase happiness by at least 37%, sometimes more depending on which beach you’re at. So that next beach trip you plan, make sure to include that beautiful floral SSBD. 

    Now that we know where you absolutely should wear your shirt, let’s go over a few places where you could end up in hot water by wearing a floral button down. 

    Should Not #1 - A Funeral

    Trying to be the “life of the party” at a funeral is never a good idea. So if you have the unfortunate opportunity to attend a funeral anytime soon leave that hawaiian shirt in the closet and grab a white button up and black tie instead. Just trust us on this one…

    Should Not #2 - Your Wedding

    Look, she’s gonna have to put up with a plethora of shenanigans from you over the next several decades, so don’t start screwing things up on her big day. Sure it’s your special day too, but let’s be real, you didn’t spend 17 hours crafting the perfect wedding invite like she did. Instead put on that slim fitting suit and perfectly matching tie and seal the deal. Don’t worry, you’ll have the whole honeymoon to rock that short sleeve floral beauty.

    Should Not #3 - Beekeeping

    Wearing a floral short sleeve button down to a funeral or a wedding likely won’t be life threatening, but wearing one while beekeeping could be the last thing you ever do. Don’t expect those flying needles to know the difference between a real flower and that lush hibiscus seemingly sprouting out of your shirt. You’ll have a swarm of hungry bees trying to drink that sweet nectar off of you and when they find out there’s nothing there to quench their thirst you’ll immediately understand the meaning behind “killer” bees.

    There you have it, We hope this 100% exhaustive list of 3 places you should and shouldn’t wear a floral short sleeve button down has been helpful. So if you have a date with a girl, a beach or your office anytime soon then check out The Weekend Shirt collection by Tough Apparel. In addition to floral short sleeve button downs they also have a Pizza Shirt, a Parrot shirt and some beautiful tropical patterns to choose from. We still wouldn’t recommend wearing any of these to funerals. 

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