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Folivora. Three-toed or Two-toed. Whether you call it by it's Latin name or have a preference of species, we're talking about Sloths. This amazing Tropical Sloth Tie is exactly what you need, even though you didn't know you needed it. The Slotheryn Tough Tie is as graceful as watching a sloth climb trees or swim through a river (have you ever seen a sloth swim? It's freaking adorable). Even though actual sloths only move 6.5 feet per minute, this sloth tie will help you crush life as you climb your way to the top, whether that's a tree or your business.


This Tropical Sloth Tie shows us just how incredible the sloth can truly be, equally as incredible as our Tough Ties. Sloths only have to go to the bathroom once a week. Sloths allow algae to grow on their fur, which camouflage them green. Sloths can even retain their grip after death. The Slotheryn Tough Tie can be machine washed to get any stain out. The Slotheryn has a Microfiber Glass-Cleaning Cloth to protect phone screens and glasses. The Slotheryn is Liquid and Stain Repellent to make it last longer than a sloth can hold onto a branch. In summation, Sloths are awesome. The Slotheryn is dope. SLOTHS. 

Slotheryn - Tropical Sloth Tie - Tough Apparel