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Did you know Skye is an Island in Scotland known for its beautiful rugged landscapes and medieval castles? We didn’t either until 5 minutes ago when we Googled it. Regardless this Sky Blue Tie has many of the same characteristics as the island it’s now named after. For instance, at first sight you think man.. that’s a pretty island. Look at those pretty mountains and pretty rivers. Look at that pretty bird flying over that pretty island. What an exceptionally pretty place I’m looking at.


But then you look a little deeper and you see it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s rugged. It’s manly. It’s strong. It’s two-fisted. What does that mean? We don’t even know but it seems fitting. Needless to say, this Sky Blue Tie, with its Iron-Lock stitching and Stain Repellent fabric, is all of these things wrapped up in one. And it’ll help you be all of these things too when you clad yourself in it.


Skye - Sky Blue Tie - Tough Apparel