"Fa'a Samoa" translates to "The Samoan Way" and is built on Samoa's unwavering focus on family. Ever heard Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talk about how important his family is? That's his Samoan heritage speaking. But what does this have to do with Ties? Just like a Samoan family watches over and protects each other our Samoan Tough Tie will protect you from embarrassing stains and untimely unravelings. With specially treated liquid repellent material and a machine washable design this Samoan tribal tie will always have your back, and your front. Not to mention the completely custom, hand sketched tribal artwork that not only pays homage to traditional Samoan Tatoos, but will also set you apart from the sea of boring ties around you. So, are you ready for "The Samoan Way"?  

Hand Drawn by: Masikuvui  

Digitally Designed by: Isaiah Oliphant

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snag resistant necktie

 Samoa - Samoan Tribal Tie - Tough Apparel