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It's 12:01AM. You've been working constantly at this project. You've been slaving over every detail making sure every fact has been checked, every number double checked. You have a huge presentation tomorrow and you need to crush it to get that promotion that's up for grabs. Or maybe this has been your dream to start your own company and you've been laboring tirelessly to get it up off the ground. Whatever your passion, this Navy Blue Tie helps you build the confidence to keep going, to burn the midnight oil and accomplish every goal you set. When you see how late it is, you'll realize that you've got more to give, so you go that extra 110% to make sure you freaking nail this opportunity.

When you wear this Navy Blue Tie, you'll be pushing those long hours but you know that you can take pride in what you've done. This Midnight Tough Tie can be your inspiration when you need the strength to keep going, because it’s also what inspires us when we’re burning the midnight oil. It's 100% Liquid and Stain Repellent, allowing you not to worry about spilling that drink that's helping keep you awake. And when you need to wake up and focus, use the Built-in Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth on the back to clean your glasses and screens, or rub the tiredness out of your eyes. Whatever your passion that keeps you up at night is, this Tough Tie will help you have the confidence to hit it right out of the park.


Midnight - Navy Blue Tie - Tough Apparel