Nothing beats a deliciously ripe Peach. Just like nothing beats this luscious Light Peach Tie aptly named, Peachtree. But for real, the same joy that your taste buds experience when you bite into a juicy peach will happen to your neck when you put this tie around it. Not to mention the sheer relief of finally finding the right shade of a light peach tie for that special occasion you’re preparing for. Yep, grab a Peachtree and you’ll be so relaxed it’ll feel like you’re lounging next to a crystal clear pool on a warm summer day with a glass of freshly squeezed peach juice at your fingertips.


To help you relax even more we’ve used our proprietary manufacturing process which is a fancy way of saying that this tie is Liquid and Stain Repellent so it’ll keep you looking fresh as a peach, wear after wear. And for whatever hulk-like stains that do penetrate, it’s also 100% Machine Washable. That’s right, no gross dry cleaning required here.


So go ahead, take a break, soak in that Sun, because once you push that buy button things are gonna get a whole lot more “peachful”. Get it? “Peachful”, like Peaceful? Peach pun for the win!



Peachtree - Light Peach Tie - Tough Apparel