Slate Leather Ratchet Belt & Buckle Set

Slate Grey Leather Ratchet Belt & Buckle Set

Grey leather belts are hard to find. Grey leather ratchet belts are harder to find. Hey, we got you covered. Now you can perfectly match those grey suede shoes you never wear or you can rock it as a grey golf belt. You can pretty much do anything with this belt that you can do with other belts, but this one will just work better and fit perfect every time, after every meal. 

Listen, we get it. Your weight fluctuates, so does ours. And normal belts suck. That's why our ratcheting "Perfect Fit, Every Time" belts will hug your waist with a warm embrace no matter what the scale says. 

Tough Apparel Ratchet Belts are designed to be cut down to size on the buckle end. A normal pair of scissors will cut the belt. You can even cut down to children sizes. Check out more details on Ratchet Belts here:
(Instructions are also included on the box). 

  • One Size Fits All --> toddler size up to men's pant size 60
  • Materials: 1 3/8" (40mm size set) genuine leather and 1 1/2" (40mm size set) buckle

*Matching Tips

Typically you want to match shoe colors, but with this one you'll just want to coordinate the belt with the rest of your outfit. 

What's a Ratchet Belt?

"Ratchet Belt" is a term used for a belt that has no holes, sometimes called a click belt or automatic belt. 

Instead of holes, it functions like a reusable zip tie, with a track system inside the back of the strap, and a locking mechanism on the back of the buckle.  


One Size Fits Most--> toddlers up to men's pant size 60

Straps come 66 inches long, which is up to a Men's 60 pant size, and are designed to be cut down to your exact size 

Belt and buckle set is about 1.5" or 40mm in height.

Material & Care


1 3/8" (40mm size set) genuine leather and 1 1/2" (40mm size set) metal alloy buckle.


To keep the belt functioning for years to come hang when not in use. Simply wrap around your closet rod and ratchet it to itself for easy hanging. 

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