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OMG guys. Like, did u hear? There's a new Blush Pink Tie and it's like, totally legit. The OMG Tough Tie is not basic at all. Fr rn, u need this tie like so bad. U'll look totes adorbs! The tie is so extra, it's straight fire. No 1 will b throwing shade @ u with this tie on lol. U'll b like flexing on anyone when u wear this sexy beast. Bet. The OMG is so lit, everyone will b like so jelly, it's ridic. Just go and slay ur fit with this tie.


But fr, this Blush Pink tie is lowkey amazeballs. U'll crush life with this thing on. Everyone b like so salty when they realize that it's got a Built-In Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth. They'll be shook when u spill your drink and bc it's Liquid Repellent, it just like drips right off. They'll b like smh. So like just get this Tough Tie, and all ur haters b like so thirsty for it haha jk, not really tho.



OMG - Blush Pink Tie - Tough Apparel

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