A Tough Tie is everything a good necktie should be; Stylish, Unique, and Confidence Boosting, without all the outrageous weaknesses of normal neckties. Keep scrolling to see all the ways Tough Ties can help you dominate life.

Microfiber Tipped

Clean glass surfaces

Liquid Repellent

Prevent Spills

Machine Washable

Fight Stains

Iron Lock Stitch

Stronger than ever


"How can a tie be liquid repellent AND machine washable?" you may be asking. Tough Ties are treated with a special liquid repellent nano-tech rated for 50 washes. That means that inevitable hot sauce droplet or baby spit-up will rinse right off under the sink.


Smudges are the enemy.
Your Tough Tie is your weapon.
Every Tough Tie comes standard with a microfiber back tip to effortlessly clean your phone screen, glasses or watch face. Let's be real, you've been unsuccessfully trying to kill smudges with your tie for years. Now it will actually work.


Normal ties require dry cleaning after staining. Tough Ties can be tossed in the washing machine and hung dry, keeping money in your pocket and time in your...time wallet.

1. Toss in the Wash

2. Hang Dry

3. Wear again


Traditional ties use a slip-stitch which is about as strong as a twig in a hurricane. Tough Ties use an IRON-LOCK Stitch with 5x the stitching of a normal tie.
This means it'll never come unraveled, and neither will you if you're wearing a Tough Tie during that million dollar presentation you're about to deliver.


You may think this is all marketing fluff, but we assure you it's not. These ties are designed to help you conquer ALL of life's challenges. Including an 11 mile mud race, if you so choose. Check out the video proof.