1.  Patent-Pending Design: After 100 years, it was time for a refresh! What does patent-pending mean? In a nutshell it means there’s no other Necktie like this in the world and we’re dang proud of what we’ve created! It also means the big dogs can’t replicate us, for now…. (But if you want to license, hit us up)
2. Machine Washable: Finally! Just like all the other clothes in your closet. Not like the other imitators either. They are just plain wrong.
3. Eco-Friendly Materials: We love our planet, you should too.
4. Strategic Tie Keeper Placement: Never leave the tail flappin' in the wind!
5. Liquid Repellent Options: Taking life-proof to the next level. Magical nano-technology embedded into the very fibers of the tie, rendering it machine washable STILL!
6. Iron-Lock Stitching: With 5x the stitching, this BEAST will never come apart!
7. Custom Designs: You want it? We can make it. Weddings, restaurants, clubs, teams, etc. Bring it on!
8. Microfiber Tipping: Clean your screen or glasses like a man! Say what?! That’s right, the back of our ties are Microfiber which means you can clean the grime off your phone, watch, glasses, ipad, kitchen table, bathroom mirror, etc. Maybe we got a little carried away there. The point is you can clean with your Tough Tie!
In fact, there are a lot more reasons why you should only buy Tough Ties. Try one out and we'll share more. :)