There's not a better place to buy a tie. They don't wrinkle, they can handle water and food stains and basically anything else that typically ruins a tie. Their styles range from following the trends to being professional, so they have exactly what you need. Their customer service is exceptional and they will go out of their way to make sure your needs are met. I highly recommend buying a tie from the Tough Tie and any other products they offer.

 Zach Burton


Just got my first tough tie. It exceeds my high expectations. The whole process, from ordering to shipping, to the quality of the tie. Was flawless. I’ve already ordered my second and third ties...

 Richard Andreasen


Honestly, you really couldn't ask for a better tie. It's a beautiful design, durable, washable, and ties perfectly. It's basically everything you could want in a necktie and more. I bought it and have absolutely no regrets!

— Brandon Turley


I gathered my strength and smashed it into my spaghetti lunch, thus showing them my faith in the product. After washing it with some cold water and small amount of soap, they were amazed that there wasn’t even a hint of the incident!

 Joey Frampton


I literally looooove the ties!!! They are so sweet!!!! Definitely the best tie I've used on my mission so far! I love the fact that I don't have to worry about them because that is such a major worry! I never want to ruin any of my ties!! But these are awesome!

 Elder Knight


We got our Tough Ties in the mail. They were not taken out of the package and were carefully hidden under my bed.  Our 9 month old lab found the package today and DESTROYED the package. The ties and remains of the package were scattered all over the lawn.  Crazy dog!  But true to their name, our Tough Ties didn't even have a thread out of place!!!! Thanks for making a lasting product that will serve our family's needs!

 Katie Bodell


This tie is amazing! I tested out the liquid resistance and it was so cool to watch the water pool and slide off. And the design itself is also lovely. 

 Kate Andrew


Good looking tie. The solid stitching makes the tie less fussy to put on. Goes well with blue or white shirt.

Raymond Cheung