More reviews and testimonials :) We love you!!

Pamela Posey Husband likes the purchase made. Great quality and pricing.
Mark Shoemaker Best belt I've ever had. Never going back to a normal belt again.
Marci McLain Looking good
Marci McLain Love the mission belts
Marci McLain Looks good
Greg Dorius No problems
Marci McLain Great tie
Greg Dorius So far so good. Haven't gotten it dirty yet, but it looks as expected
Bruce Johnson Nice tie
Austin Gardiner Bright colors. Great design. I got compliments the first time I wore it!
Shaina Richardson Bought this for a soon-to-be missionary since they have to wear ties every day and they have to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. The blue color was a little darker than expected but it is still beautiful!
Austin Gardiner I really like the design and that it is washable!
Bruce Johnson Enjoyable
Laura Rigby It was a gift for my husband. He said he was expecting the leather to be a little thicker. They look nice on and the fit is great. I bought the black and the dark brown belts. 
Marci McLain Love the look of this tie
Teresa  Burt He love it
John Hunt Nice Tie
Cory Bruce Very unique tie
Derek Biesigner Love it. 
Marci McLain Great tie. Love the look.
Sally Tate My son loved it! He's always been a big Harry Potter fan and this made his birthday. He loved the extra features also. Especially being machine washabke! Thank you, Tough Tie, for a magnificent product!
Marianne Coronel Love it! 
Kyle Green Loved it!  Great color and who doesn't love them some Harry Potter?
Chelsey Hackleman This is awesome! So happy to have gotten one 
Dory Chapman Great quality and looks awesome too!
Mark Harman Great product, great company!
Rachelle Thornton My husband has been eyeing this belt for a while and he loves it!
Samuel Kusek Amazing fit! 
Kristy Kasper These ties are amazing!
Julie Randall My son loves the belt!
Courtney Bovy Stylish and simple! Perfect addition to any tough tie. 
Faith Peacock I bought it to match outfits for Easter. It was perfect!
Jennifer Shoemaker These ties are so awesome 
James Bouse I love it.  My son wears it weekly and it still looks new!
Karen Harris So great!
Samuel Kusek Amazing
Aby Taysom Great looking tie!  My high school football player has to wear a shirt and tie to school on game days and it's super nice to find a tie that can withstand the cafeteria and the gym bag!!
Samuel Kusek Amazing
Karen Harris It's a great tie! 
Kenneth Lewis It did not wrinkle when I left it tied. Held it's shape well, no stains.
Zach Professional and messy proof! Excellent tie design and perfect quality. 
jackson harrell  The tie looks wonderful and i can't wait to wear it.
Virginia  Williams  I love the floral pattern! It's a great tie
DONALD OLSON Bags seem to be high quality
Sally Tate I think it was a great idea for this to be available for those purchasing your ties. If for no other reason than it helps keeping the ties from getting tangled in the wash.
Samuel Kusek Great
Zach Burton The Musk has awesome quality and a very solid, professional look to it.  No wrinkles, can literally toss the thing around and accidentally have it in the laundry and it'll be just fine.  Perfect! 
Clay Paley Amazing
Melissa Rupp My usband loves this tie!
Kevin Shoemaker The green machine! Sexy texture on the fabric I didn't notice online, and pretty awesome that its printed.
James Miller Perfect subtle green color and love the textured look and feel. The fact that it's a Tough Tie just makes it that much better. 
Gayle Purdy Looked great on my husband!
Jake Belue Love it
Jordan Abrams I love all my tough ties!
James Bouse I love it!        
Deborah Horner Love the design!!
Deborah Horner Very well made with great design!
Melissa Rupp sweet socks!
Zach We love this tie, recommend to all! 
DONALD OLSON It's great! Ties are of high quality!
Viktoriya  Vetter Gray socks! Vibrant colors! 
James Bouse I bought one for a wedding and now I wear it with everything.
Alexandra Rodriguez so great! I hope they come out with more basic prints because I will buy more!
Mackenzie Harter My first Tough Tie, and exactly what I needed! 
Alan Doubleday Well made, practical and looks great!!
Jessica Stewart Such great quality!!! Bought this tie for my husband and he loves it. It looks professional and this will definitely not be the last time we buy!
Pamela Abramovich The ties are for Christmas but I'm sure the boys will love them. What I really appreciated was you applying my discount after my order had been placed!  Keep up the fabulous customer service and you'll have a loyal customer in me. 
Zach If you're a BYU fan, this tie is perfect.  If you're not a BYU fan, this tie is still perfect.  Great bold color, and it literally cannot be wrinkled nor ruined.  Great tie! 
Julie Blau Nice color, fits perfectly, easy to use & comfortable.
Amanda Ogilvie  I bought this for my husband who is pretty picky about his belts and he just told me this morning that it is the most comfortable belt he has ever had. I bought three different belts to switch out and he loves them all. 
Shaina Richardson  Now my little 5 year old can match his daddy for Christmas day! And I'm glad I don't have to worry about him spilling something on it and ruining it! 
Douglas Hancock  Killer socks, they are great. I need a few more pairs.
Jake Belue Great 
Jennifer Talbot My husband loves his belt and new tie
Faith Hartsoe My father-in-law loved this tie! 
Jill Bozeman I love this tie, but more importantly my husband loves it! I will say, though, that this particular tie isn't purple like the description says. I ordered it because purple is my husband's favorite color. It's mostly just blue and the purple doesn't show up. BUT, love these ties, love this company!

AND, I washed my husband's other tie and was amazed how great it looked coming out of the wash! It looked brand new! Two thumbs way up!
Kip Sharpe Good looking tie
Zach Excellent multi-functional tie (business, mission, church, wedding, etc.).  Also, bomb quality!
Philip Davey A nice addition to the standard silver tie bar!
Maggie Stanfield  Love it!!
Alexandra Rodriguez Love this tie bar! It works, it's matte so it's not flashy, and looks chic on my husband. Now I want you guys to make more. Maybe denim would be cool?
Chelsey Hackleman Loved it! Very sharp looking 
Brennan Bryant Very sleek and does the job! Well made like all Tough Tie products. Would recommend!
Mackenzie Harter A very nice belt and an even nicer buckle. The interchangeability and ratcheting system are very cool. Unfortunately I cut the strap too short as I measured incorrectly.  I will be saving the buckle for another strap though. 
Jennifer Talbot Love that we can change out the buckles
Todd Harrison Nice.
Julie Randall Looks great
Jarrod Hyde I thought it would be a little lighter than the brushed nickel one but it still rocks with my black belt!!!
Griffin Rozek It's functional, stylish, and totally catches the eyes of passers by, 10/10 would spend cash on again
Rachelle Thornton Love it!
Courtney Bovy Great customer service and updates on my order! I recently purchased a tough tie as a gift for my husband, who is constantly dry cleaning his ties. My husband is going to love this!
Sally Tate I think they are awesome! I bought them for one of my Primary kids and his father for his baptism. They have small children in their family and a baby on the way. These ties were very appropriate as a gift for them and Carson was so happy to have a tie just like his dad. I was very impressed with the way the ties were made. Much more sturdy than I anticipated. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Kate Andrew So cute! My missionary will love it. 
Richard Andreasen The quality of the belt and buckle is great! They look sharp and will fit any waistline and clothes style. They look great with casual clothes or with Sunday dress. 
Jarrod Hyde Great color!
Nelson Curtis Excellent finish and very stylish. Not over the top or boisterous. Very sleek. Perfect for a professional look. 
Daniel Wallis Super nice buckle! Color is very cool, and quality seem to be excellent!  Would definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Julie Blau Nice color, heavy duty, works well.
Melanie Shelton Great finish!!! Stylish and my son loves it. As for durability, it's only been a week so I can't speak for that. Looks great with the black belt he has but would also look good with a brown belt. 
Amanda Ogilvie  Such a great idea to have the buckle removable so you can change your belts to match your mood/outfit
Stephanie Abrams Great quality belt. My husband raves about his tough ties, so I bought him the belt for Christmas, and it is super. And it looks awesome on him. :)
Christina Friedlander My husband LOVES his new TV belt! He loves the latching system, the color and the quality. Thank you!
Ben Tasseff  Amazing buckle and amazing service!
Greg Dorius Great buckle. Material and mechanism feel solid
Abby Leavitt My husband absolutely loved his new belt. We are very excited to find this new company! Thanks @Toughtie
Julie  Beer Purchased as a gift for my husband and he's thrilled with the quality of the leather and the style. 
Gabriel Smith Soo good
Maggie Stanfield Looks so good on so many of my husbands ties 
Alexandra Rodriguez awesome! And unique! My boyfriend loves it
Maggie Stanfield Love!
Laura Milligan The quality of the material and the colors are beautiful! I bought this as a graduation gift for a friend - it's already become his go-to tie!
Julie Randall Love it 
Kenneth Lewis I looks superb with all my dark suits for Sunday meetings and Temple attendance. I has worked great, I have shone it to others and tell them this is the only belt they ever need in their life time.
Andrea  Brauer I ordered it as a Christmas present for my husband and he likes it. Says it's made well and easy to use. Very impressed.
Philip Davey Strangely, unique pattern that pairs well with darker suits.
Kathy Scimeca Love it
Zach Burton The thing is liquid repellent, nothing more needed to be said.  Impossible to stain, no worries with rain or snow, and has a design that I'm pretty sure no other company has.  
James Fetzer This is a dank tie
Richard Andreasen Just got my first tough tie. It exceeds my high expectations. The whole process, from ordering to shipping, to the quality of the tie. Was flawless. I've already ordered my second and third ties...
Dillon Eldridge All around amazing quality. The design is even more beautiful in person.
Lizzy Pavledakes These ties are way good,. They look and feel amazing. And there like never anything wrong with them!
Emily Dalton My husband loves this tie! We got it for him for Father's day and he is super pleased with it!
Jen Daniel 5 it and get lots of compliments on it!!  
Brandon Honestly, you really couldn't ask for a better tie. It's a beautiful design, durable, washable, and ties perfectly. It's basically everything you could want in a necktie and more. I bought it and have absolutely no regrets! 
Zach Burton This, and the Slater, have the best designs there is.  There isn't a tie with this design, and really no tie with this quality.  Definitely next on the list! 
Betty Jean Snedaker It is a Christmas present for my grandson.  I hope he likes it!
Brianna McHardy My husband loves this tie! The pattern and fabric makes it appropriate for dressy and casual situations. The other day we went out for sub sandwiches after a dressy event. He normally takes off his tie to eat, but this time he was perfectly comfortable leaving it on. And anything he dropped on it came right out in the wash!
Hannah Keune Beautiful, high quality, and packaged well!
Lizzy Pavledakes It's pretty dang great. The Ties are well made and look amazing. 
Karen Harris Great quality!
Karen Harris Love it!
Zach The name suits it perfectly.  Excellent wedding tie or whatever else you want.  but, truly water proof and indestructible.  
Joshua Tomokins Amazing 
Dennis Danielson LOVE it! Tough ties are the best. They are stylish and...well...TOUGH! I literally wear a tie every day and it is so nice to not have to worry about taking it to a dry cleaner to clean it up. Also, the microfiber on the inside for cleaning my glasses is the bomb. Definitely a five star tie. 
Dalton Martz It's great
Leo Rinomato love it
Elder Hammer It's amazing! Highly recommend 
Rachelle Thornton Love this tie! I don't necessarily love all floral ties but this one is amazing! 
Jeff Perkins Sweet tie! Durable, looks sharp and just like that, my teenage son thinks I'm cool again. 
Sineva Endemann  I love it! It looks very good.
Margaret Stanfield Love it
Raymond Cheung Good looking tie. The solid stitching makes the tie less fussy to put on. Goes well with blue or white shirt. 
Matthew Semadeni Great looking tie...and it's TOUGH!
Nicole Parker I love this tie and so does my husband!! It's perfect!
Bonnie Bodine Great service, quality product, and super fast delivery! 
Cindy  Spencer Loved it! The colors are great!!
Brett Ottley Amazing tie!  Gave it to a buddy that was in town for Thanksgiving and he was ecstatic!  He can't wait to show it to physicians he works with at a hospital in Texas that does not allow ties as they harbor germs. This is one tie they could allow as it is machine washable. 
Thane A Belnap Great ties. Very durable yet stylish.
Nicki Mckinley  My husband loves his belt. Very well made! Thank you for making such a great belt!
Russell Beazer I've purchased 3 belts for myself and 2 more for family.  I love the look and the quality.
Nicole Parker My husband loves the belt so much... that's why I got him a second one!! He might need one in every color! 
Scott Josephson Great product!! Repeat customer for sure!
Jody Barbour It is great.  Easy to customize and it looks great!
Karen Cox Love it. 
Dalan Monsen Awesome Ties
Viviana Anaya Love these guys and service! Husband loves his belt; will be purchasing more from tough tie! 
Daniel Wallis This is my second belt from Tough Apparel! They are so easy to get a perfect fit, and all materials are excellent quality! A customer for life! 
Maggie Stanfield Love this belt! It looks amazing in person and so functional 
Larry  Titus  Great belt!
Sineva Endemann  It's a nice belt. The only thing is that it is too big but that's my fault.
D. Jensen Great belt will buy another one- great gift ideas as well 
Scott Josephson Great product! Repeat customer for sure!!!
Faith Peacock This tie is beautiful and we love the standard size. My hubby loved getting this tie for Father's Day.
Erica Picard I sent it to my brother for Father's Day. It was a huge hit!
Samuel Kusek It is a great design! 
Melissa Rupp Love this tie. As an AZ Native you can't go wrong with this one!
Kathy Scimeca Very fun tie!
Sarah Tuckett Every time my husband wears this tie, he gets so many compliments!  It is an Arizona Classic!!!!
Faith Peacock Beautiful shade of blue! And when some smudge got on it, it wiped off easy which is great for our 8 years old son. He loves the color and brags about his tough ties every chance he gets.
Jason Reed Nice looking tie! Bought it for a young man in our ward as a gift when he leaves on his mission. I am sure he will love it. 
Zach This tie can go with any design, and it's water proof.  What more do you need.  Highly recommend. 
Lisa Kortenhoeven love it
Kevin Weil Great classic pattern.  Wearing it now.
Matt Gresham Great!
Faith Peacock These are awesome. Fit my husband perfectly. And when we cut one down go fit our 7 year old it worked wonderfully too. So glad to find belts that don't get a bend in them and be worn by a very active boy. Can't wait to buy more belts. Never buying any other kind.
Viktoriya  Vetter Quality leather. Looks like it will last. Great belt.
Jennifer Talbot Loving the customizable size on this belt
Jarrod Hyde Love the belt so much, I had to buy a brown one!!!
Natalie Mann Very Impressed

My Husband will love it for Christmas!
Dan I ordered wrong size belt, these guys made it right! This belt is amazing, the buckle is solid. Very nice product and I would recommend to anyone in the market for a quality (very cool) belt. 
Nelson Curtis A simple and well made belt.
Melanie Shelton Looks and feels great! Love the ability to shorten to fit. Holding up we'll so far. 
Andrea  Brauer Fits good and is strong. Not super flimsy like some belts we've owned 
Amanda Ogilvie  Love it
Julia Hall The best quality. Durable and boss. You did it again! 
Kevin Shoemaker This is a nice and thick tie. It ties beautifully and would recommend it to anyone! Power pattern!
Kate Andrew It looks great, it's great quality, and it's one of the best ties I've ever purchased!
Sarah Ambrosek Bought the mystery tie for my little boy as a Christmas gift. It is adorable. I actually think it's my favorite tie I have purchased so far and I can't wait for my little man to open it.
Kate Andrew It's cute and simple and an overall lovely tie.
jackson harrell  Looks great 
Skylar Bennett cool style, good fit, happy with it!
Tyler Ludlow It's beautiful! Perfect width for a suit coat or not!
Zach Burton I am a proud owner of the Tesla tie, and it's awesome.  It cannot be stained nor wrinkled, it goes with any one of my outfits for work/church and I can throw it in a briefcase if needed without worrying about it getting destroyed.  Great design, awesome quality. 
Megan Brown I bought this tie to send out to my best friend on his mission and holy cow! It's honestly one of the coolest ties I've seen! I know he's going to love it! I can't wait to buy more for him and my brother! Customer service is great and it got shipped to me quickly. Tough Ties will be my go to when it comes to gift shopping for then men in my life. 
Shreyas Kumar My friend loved it
Matt Gallini  Great tie!! One of the coolest looking ones I own!
Kate Andrew This tie has such a cool design and good colors.
Mark Bechtold Love the way it looks and feels. Shipping was very quick. If you want to buy a tie online, go with Tough Tie for sure.
Philip Davey Unique tie pattern. Never gotten so many compliments on my tie(I wear suits all day). 
Deborah Horner It's great! Got it for a gift!

Great quality! 
Kody Wood I absolutely love my new Magellan tie! I wore it to church and was getting compliments left and right. You guys really know what you're doing! Keep it up!!
Mackenzie Harter This is a really cool tie!
Tim Walker I bought 7 Tough Ties and love every one of them. They tie well and look very professional. Haven't  spilled on one yet, just a matter of time, but when I do, I'very got no worries about getting out the stain.
Kristy Kasper Never buying another tie for my boys!
Kendyl Hawkins Great quality! Love that it can be thrown into the washer too!
Kate Andrew This tie is amazing! I tested out the liquid resistance and it was so cool to watch the water pool and slide off. And the design itself is also lovely.
Hannah Hurd This tie was awesome, perfect for family pictures! 
Heather Griffin Super cute and classy! It goes well with different shirts and outfits.
Kyle Green Loved this product!  Great color and of course great quality. 
Taysha Carpenter Got it for my missionary and he loves the print and durability of the tie! I will definitely be buying more for him in the future!
Viktoriya  Vetter Great belt system! Well priced. Like that you can change the belt without having to buy a new belt /buckle. Great socks! I look forward to ordering more in the future for other male family and friends. 
Brad Page Baller belt! Love the quality of it and the matte black buckle is dope.
Zach Excellent! Highly recommend to all buyers. 
Shaunie Sullivan Everyone is so impressed with this tie!  Not only is it washable, water resistant, and can be used to clean my husband's glasses, it is also beautiful! 
Vicki Grimes Amazing unique fabric- sturdy and well made
Zach This works with each belt and is very professional.  It shines perfectly, and is classy and can be worn really anywhere.  I use it with the brown belt, and it looks perfect.  Great product! 
Kenneth Lewis I have this tie as a present and both guys loved it, put it on and wore it around showing it off. They were thrilled that their could be washed when needed and they didn't have to dry clean it when needed.
Shaina Richardson Very subtle design of snowflakes or stars. The color was a deeper purple than was seen on the site, but I like it more that way!
Zach The brown belt with the copper face is an excellent choice.  I use this belt for work, and have yet to go a day without it being complimented.  It is professional & classy, and extremely durable.  Highly, highly recommend! 
Tim Walker Sharp looking tie
Shannon Sparks As soon as I saw this print I had to snag the limited boy size they had. My nephew is a huge Harry Potter fan and what way to look stylish at church than a deathly hollows one of a kind Tough Tie. 
Jake Belue Great 
Mitchell Foy Perfect fit. Easy to adjust to your body size. The color of the leather is a perfect match to my shoes. Can't wait to get more Tough Belts.
Sally Tate I think it is so cool that a boy can have a tie his size that is just like his dad's! Same cool pattern with the same great construction. You guys ROCK!
Philip Davey Simple silver tie bar that fits the skinny ties from here perfectly. 
Maggie Stanfield It looks so clean and crisp! We would recommend it to anyone 
Douglas Hancock  I love it as does my son Thomas who is seven. 
carriecrosland These belts are good quality, and a cool look. Haven't had  it long but seems like it will be a nice belt. I also bought one for my son and the fact that it's so easy to put on and take off makes it his new favorite! 
Tara Bradshaw Easy to assemble and use. Looks fantastic on my son and husband!
Daniel Worthington I like the quality and look of the belt.
Tiffany Vansickle Love it. A little tough to figure out at first but then it was a breeze
Philip Davey Amazing pattern, looks good with a lot of the dress shirts I own.
Zach Burton The Donald has, in my opinion, the most professional and classiest design.  It's quality is perfect, like all other ties, but it's design and fact that it can match anything is perfect.  Great tie!! 
Kate Andrew It looks so official and it's such a beautiful pattern.
Shaina Richardson I bought a skinny tie for my 6'5" husband not knowing if it would look good on him, but it looks awesome!  I might only buy him skinny ties from now on! 
Sophia  Greenwood Great tie! Great Stocking stuffer
Amanda Ogilvie  Great product
Jason Gillespie I love the ratcheting feature and solid buckle. Very good product. 
Abby Leavitt Love it, great quality, great price! 
Shaunie Sullivan This belt is so cool!  My husband was so impressed with the no whole system.
Jason Gillespie Sleek, durable, light-weight necktie
Misty Williams Love it!
Daniel Milligan Got this tie for my birthday and it looks even better in real life! You can wear it with any color pants and it looks great. Best tie I've ever been given hands down!
Douglas Hancock  Great plan and product! I love the tie!
Kevin Shoemaker It's like an amazon subscription dream. Except for an awesome tie, not deodorant!
Dave Stephenson I'm not usually the ""subscribe"" type but this really is the perfect way to start getting rid of my old ties and start replacing them with better ones. I ordered one tough tie before subscribing just to make sure I liked it, and I did. I'm excited to do this for 6 or 8 months. 
James Fetzer It's pretty cool
Philip Davey Always have to have a pink or salmon tie, and this one is my new go to.
Natalie Eysser Great belt
Jerry T Petersen Love them.  I want more.  No more old school belts for me.
Elaine Harding My husband loves the ties I got him!