**We unfortunately no longer offer custom socks**

 Novelty & Custom Wedding Socks for
Groomsmen & Groom

Choose from 3 Simple Options

In-Stock Socks


$14 each. Ready to ship.

10% off 5+ Pairs/ 15% off 10+ Pairs


Shop our existing Sock Lineup to

find those perfect Groomsmen Socks.


Email weddings@toughapparel.com

for discounts


Semi-Custom Socks


$17 each. No Setup Fees.

10% off 5+ Pairs / 15% off 10+ Pairs


Adjust these existing patterns to create

the ultimate Wedding Socks.


Email weddings@toughapparel.com

for discounts and to start the

semi-custom process.



100% Custom


$20 each. $20 Setup Fee.

10% off 5+ Pairs / 15% off 10+ Pairs


Time to get krunk. Let's start from scratch

and design the best Custom Groomsmen Socks

this world has ever seen.


Email weddings@toughapparel.com

to get started!


Novelty and custom wedding socks give you the chance to show off some personality and flare without ruining all of those sacred wedding pictures.


You’ve been planning for months now and everything from the Wedding Cake to the Venue has to be perfect for this Special Day. And we get it! YOGMOU! (You only get married once, usually:)) But, you still need to have some fun, and these unique novelty or custom wedding socks fit the bill, and your feet, perfectly.


Plus, what better gift to all your lifetime dude friends than some totally awesome groomsmen socks? That’s something they can actually use instead of a novelty bottle opener that’ll end up in a deep dark corner within days of the wedding.


With a padded cotton bottom and sweat-wicking properties, these are perfect, unique wedding socks for the hours of posing that lie in wait.


Did we mention we can do 100% custom wedding socks for groomsmen as well? That’s right, you want your face on the socks? We’ve done it! Want them to match the Wedding Ties perfectly? We’ve got you covered. We can help with whatever crazy awesome Wedding socks you want. Let's make sure your day is as perfect as it can be.