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Fiji and Rugby go together like thunder and lightning. Not familiar with Rugby? It's basically American Football but instead of having protective pads they have, well, no protective gear at all. Rugby players are among the toughest breed of athletes in the world. Which is exactly how you'll feel when you put this White and Blue Polynesian Tie, appropriately named the Fiji, around your neck. This Tough Tie's durable design and Ironlock Stitch will immediately increase your testosterone levels. Shoot you could even play a match wearing this tribal tie and simply wash the blood and sweat out of it afterwards and wear it to work the next day. No matter where you decide to wear it you'll definitely feel the Confidence boost that Tough Ties bring. 

Hand Drawn by: Masikuvui  

Digitally Designed by: Isaiah Oliphant


 Fiji - White and Blue Polynesian Tie - Tough Apparel