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If you would have showed up to your wedding 15 years ago in a Floral Necktie you would have been laughed off the altar. Now you show up to your wedding in anything but a floral tie and your spouse will wonder where she went wrong and if she can still back out. Show up in The Emerald, our Emerald Green tie covered in outrageously beautiful periwinkle, sea-foam, blush and plum flowers, and she’ll wonder how she ever landed such a manly, testosterone pumping stud-muffin. Because at the end of the day you really just want her to think your sexy, and our floral Emerald Green Tie guarantees she will. Available as a standard width tie and as a skinny tie. Pair with light grey or charcoal suits for best results.

Emerald - Floral Emerald Green Tie - Tough Apparel