Navy Leather Ratchet Belt & Buckle Set


Navy shoes are here to stay. Which means you need a Navy Leather belt to match those beautiful shoes. Look no further than the Navy Leather Ratchet Belt by Tough Apparel.

Why we made this

Because weight fluctuates and normal belts don't.

"Ratchet Belt" is a term used for a belt that has no holes, sometimes called a click belt or automatic belt. 

Instead of holes, it functions like a reusable zip tie, with a track system inside the back of the strap, and a locking mechanism on the back of the buckle.  


One Size Fits Most... that means anyone from toddler size up to a full grown man.

Straps come about 66 inches long, which is up to about a Men's 60 pant size.

Each strap is designed to be cut down to your exact size, with markings on the back for easy cutting.

Belt and buckle set is about 1.5" or 40mm in height.

Check out more details here on operating the belt.

Care Instructions


  • 1 3/8" (40mm size set) genuine leather strap
  • 1 1/2" (40mm size set) metal alloy buckle


To keep your belt functioning for years to come, hang when not in use. Simply wrap around your closet rod and ratchet it to itself for easy hanging. 


Product information

90 Day No-Questions-Asked Exchange & Return


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Ratchet Up Your Style

Our ratchet strap belts are so tough, they could survive a roundhouse kick from Chuck himself.

Say goodbye to wimpy belts with holes that can't handle your manly moves, and hello to the best ratchet belt in the universe.

Don't Settle for "Kinda, Sorta" Fit

Perfect Fit, Every Time

No more muffin top or plumber's crack.

Our click belt gives you the perfect fit every time, thanks to its micro-adjustable notches. Say goodbye to unreliable holes that leave you feeling restricted or constantly adjusting. 

All-Day Comfort

Adjust Your Waistline With a "Click"

Need to loosen up after a big meal? No problem! 

Easily adjust your waistline with a single click. 

Tough Apparel Ratchet Belts adjust effortlessly to your body's changing needs, ensuring comfort and style in every situation, all the time.

Made to Last

Ready for EVERY Adventure

If you're tired of belts that can't keep up with your rough-and-tumble lifestyle, our Tough Belts are here to help you save the day. 

Our belts can help you handle whatever adventures you embark on.

From wrestling alligators to climbing Mount Everest, our ratchet strap belts are here to help you conquer it all.

Choose from Hundreds of Looks

Mix & Match Any Buckle & Strap

Mix a buckle with a strap of your choice to create a belt that perfectly matches your style and mood.

Feeling patriotic? Go for the American flag buckle with a classic brown strap. 

Feeling classy? Pair a sleek black strap with a shiny gold buckle.

The options are endless!