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Why You Should Invest in Quality Men’s Clothes

Clothes make the man, and clothes that fall apart can have their wearer feeling ready to crumble, too. Learn why well-made menswear matters.

You may have heard a lot about the “fast fashion” industry. They pick up on the latest fashion trends and quickly produce them for the mass market in high volume at low prices. Then, before you know it, there’s a new trend and a new wave of products. It’s just as well; by the time there’s something new to buy, the last outfit just fell apart. Maybe fashion got too fast for its own good.

Sure, we could run through why you should invest in quality men’s clothes, but wouldn’t it be nice not to feel that fast-fashion hurry? Let’s dial it down to a brisk walk and enjoy the scenery.

Save Money Over Time

As you shop for menswear, you’re sure to see some deals that seem too good to be true. Make no mistake: they are. The late novelist Terry Pratchett wrote about a man who couldn’t afford a $50 pair of boots, only a $10 pair. But that pair would wear out, and so would the next one, and so too the next. Before he knew it, he had spent hundreds of dollars on boots and, as the author wrote, still always had wet feet. We don’t want you to have wet feet, armpit holes, nor any other sure signs of sartorial decay. What you can pay for up front will indeed pay for itself over years and years. Think about it: we call it Tough Apparel for a reason.

Timeless Cool

Fads come and go, but the classics last forever. We’ve all seen our parents’ prom photos with the powder blue tuxedos they swear were a good idea at the time. But if you’re really a fearless soul, dig as far back as your Facebook photos go and soberly confront just how dated some of those outfits look now—including, yes, your own. You’re old enough now to dress embarrassment-free. Your clothes should look as good ten years from now as they look today. And with our high standards, they won’t just look timelessly cool, they’ll stay in fine condition, too.

Accessories Matter

It’s one thing to have well-made basics in your wardrobe. After all, the fundamentals are important. But it’s the durable and stylish accessories that really pop, add panache, and separate the toughest from the tough. Our collections of men’s slim ties, ratchet belts, and bold socks give your wardrobe finishing touches that’ll keep doing the finishing for years to come.

We know it’s tempting to seek out the best deals at every turn, even if it means you’ll pay for it down the road. But there’s no shame in slowing down, thinking things through, and avoiding impulsive decisions. You shouldn’t have to learn why you should invest in quality men’s clothes the hard way, with shirts you can’t wash, belts that practically melt, and fashion that ages like milk on a hot day. Tough Apparel is happy to help you stop for a minute and truly appreciate what lasts. So, look around and stay a while.

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