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Why You Should Choose a Ratchet Belt

Is your belt worn out? Have you drilled extra holes into it? Well, knock it off! Sounds like you need...

Picture this: You grab your belt, but there aren’t any holes for the prong to go through, so naturally you yell, “What is this witchcraft? Someone stop the madness!”

Then your wife comes into your room and says, “Honey, relax. It’s a ratchet belt. They’re the next big thing.”

Well, that was awkward because you didn’t know about the best belt for stylish guys. But seriously, ratchet belts are awesome; they’re clean, sleek, and you guessed it, stylish. So boost your style and replace your old belt with a ratchet belt. We’re going to break down exactly why you should choose a ratchet belt. Let’s get into it.

Your Belt Will Finally Fit You Properly

Think about the belt you’ve always worn. There are usually five or so holes, right? That also means that your belt only has five or so size options. Everyone’s body is different, and sometimes you need a size in between one of the holes, which explains why so many men drill more holes into their belts.

Ratchet belts solve this problem because there aren’t any holes. Instead, you cut the belt to your size. Cut less than you think you need to, remember what your dad said? “Measure twice, cut once.” Only in this case, it sounds more like “cut once, maybe twice.” Once you cut the belt to your waist size, all you have to do is wear it and look great. The first time in your life you’ll feel like you have a belt customized for you…even with the weight fluctuations.

Ratchet Belts Are More Stylish and Versatile

One item that just about every guy wears daily is their belt, but we don’t get to experiment with different belts very often. If we’re being honest, most of us have one black, one brown, and maybe one fabric belt.

The cool thing about ratchet belts is how versatile they are. You can detach the buckle and attach it to different straps to make different combinations—just don’t be that guy who wears clashing colors. Straps come in several different colors that will match most leathers. Remember the stylish-guy tip about leathers. Always match your leather belt with your leather shoes.

They Last Longer Than Other Belts

Ratchet belts are more durable than traditional belts because there’s less tension. So instead you can have a belt that’s stylish and durable. Of course, some brands offer ratchet belts that aren’t too great. For instance, if the brand of your current belt sounds a lot like Richard Branson, we're sorry for your loss. You'll need a Tough Belt sooner than later.

Whether you’ve worn a men’s ratchet belt before, or you’re thinking about getting your first since all the kids are talking about them these days, we know a ratchet belt will be more comfortable and make you more stylish. So the real question is why shouldn’t you get a ratchet belt? We don’t have a good answer for that, so you should get one.

Here at Tough Apparel, we make some of the highest quality materials for high-quality men. We want to help men become more stylish with simple, affordable, and stylish products. Our Tough Belts are durable and sure to last you through your manly day job—or your desk job. They’ll last through that too.

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