• September 01, 2020 2 min read

    Tips for How to Style Your Socks

    Did you know that merely styling your socks properly can take your outfit from, say, a 6 to a 10? It’s true! Everyone knows that accessorizing an outfit can boost your style, but we often forget that socks, specifically dress socks, can boost our style too. However, just buying dress socks isn’t going to cut it, gentlemen; you need to know how to style them too (and that’s where we come in).

    As your personal style guides, we know that a great outfit can make a guy feel like he can handle anything. That said, we’re here to help you not only boost your style but also your confidence. Follow our tips for how to style your socks, and you’ll start beaming confidence.

    Go Big! Or Don’t, Whatever You’re Comfortable With

    Your outfit is one of the only ways you have to communicate your personality to the world. If you’re typically pretty reserved, you might want to go with a pattern that is more traditional, like polka dots or stripes. On the other hand, if you like to get down and party, you can let everyone around you know that the party has arrived with doughnut socks.

    Nothing screams confidence like bold socks, but there’s nothing wrong with going traditional either. The bottom line is you need to feel comfortable in your outfit. Of course, stepping out of our comfort zones is something a lot of us don’t do enough, so we’d challenge you to try something different.

    Formal Scenarios Are a Little Different…Sometimes

    Typically, a formal scenario calls for a more conservative outfit—and socks. Here’s an example of what we mean. If you’re wearing a suit and tie, you’d typically match your socks to the color of your slacks. Basically, if you are wearing a suit with black slacks, your socks should also be black. How boring! We say go for the Taco Tuesday socks; you be you.

    Now, sure, there might be some occasions where this style rule still makes sense. Think a black-tie event or a court hearing—maybe not the best time to bust out the doughnut socks, but hey, who are we to tell you no?

    You could match your socks to your shirt if you want a pop of color. For instance, gray pants and a light blue dress shirt would look great with light blue socks. When it comes right down to it, though, you can wear any sock with any outfit if you own it, which is the best tip to style your socks.

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