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    The Hallmarks of a Quality Tie

    Picture this: You go into a department store and find a tie that looks so classy, even Sean Connery would respect you. Everything about the tie seems great—it feels good, the stitching looks exceptional, and the price is 200 dol—200 dollars?! That’s insane.

    We’re not saying that expensive ties aren’t good; a lot of them are. But a lot of them are only expensive because of the brand, while the quality is mediocre, at best. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount just to get a good tie. Continue reading to learn the hallmarks of a quality tie, and you’ll be showing those expensive brands who’s boss.

    The material

    There’s a preconceived notion that only silk ties are truly high-quality. Traditionally speaking, yes, this is absolutely true. Years ago, the only material alternatives available were either extremely cheap and would never last or ridiculously expensive. That said, times have changed, and while silk ties remain great, there are plenty of modern alternatives—especially if you’re looking for a tie that lasts. The price doesn’t determine the quality of a material. We use modern polyester, which is soft, durable, machine washable, and, of course, snag-proof. Take that, silk!

    Construction and stitching

    A quality tie will have a 45-degree cut on the bias, allowing the tie to lay correctly. From there, you can debate if four-in-hand or six- and seven-fold ties are better. We’re not going to settle that argument because it’s been going on for decades, and we simply don’t have the time for that. Plus, there are good and bad qualities to both options, and there’s no right or wrong answer.

    Another indicator that a tie is high-quality is its stitching. There are several types of stitches, but in general, you don’t want to see any thread coming out of the stitching. You won’t see any stitching coming loose on a Tough Tie because we use iron-lock stitching.

    Awesome features

    That’s right, not every tie has to be boring like those in your grandpa’s collection. Of course, you can find a quality tie in the material, construction, and stitching. However, the tie should also have some cool features and—most importantly—make you feel confident. We’ve never met a guy that genuinely enjoys taking his shirts and ties to the dry cleaner. We don’t blame you, but sometimes life happens, and you spill something on your tie. That’s why all our ties are liquid-repellent and machine-washable. You’re welcome.

    Plus, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all totally addicted to our phones and hate getting smears and fingerprints on our screens. We’ve incorporated a screen-safe cloth on the tip of all our ties so you can easily do away with any smudges. Of course, we want anybody that wears our ties to feel great in them, which is why we created dozens of designs for you to choose from.

    The hallmarks of a quality tie are not only in the construction and material but so much more. We believe ties should be high-quality, affordable, and of course, awesome! You can totally wear any tie you want if you’re confident enough. Plus, if you’re wearing a Tough Tie, you don’t have to worry about life completely ruining your tie. Throw the tie in the wash, and it’ll be like new.

    If this all sounds good to you, get yourself some modern men’s ties from Tough Apparel. We hated taking our ties to the cleaners just because life got the best of them again, so we created a life-proof tie. Try it out for yourself. Contact us today for more information!

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