September 20, 2017 3 min read

All right, hold on to your pantsbecause we're about to go over the 5 breath-taking benefits of a Tough Tie Monthly or Quarterly Subscription. 
Don't worry, it's a quick read and well worth it........

1. Save Cash Money
You automatically save money every single month or quarter!

How much money? 15% to be exact! And you don't have to do a single thing.

No discount codes, just straight cash saved that you can use for other awesome things, like ice cream. 

2. Get a FREE Tough Tie!

Signup in the next 7 days and we'll include one of our overstock Tough Ties in your first month's shipment FOR FREE!

Just use code FREEOVERSTOCK at checkout so we know to send you the FREE Tough Tie.
That's two of the most innovative neckties in the world FOR LESS THAN $25!

3. Pick your own Tie!

Subscribing for a service where you don'tget to choose is like turning on Netflix and having it automatically and randomly start playing a show.

You might get lucky and be watching Stranger Things, or you might not and you'll be watching Twilight. 
To avoid all things Twilight you'll get an email every month or quarter showing you the Tough Tie of the Month and other ties you can choose from. 


If you like living on the edge then do nothing and we'll send you the Tough Tie of the Month! 

The Tough Tie of the Month will ALWAYS be one of our newest and slickest designs, standard with all of the epic Tough Tie features. 

Not sure what to do with your old ties? Send them to us and we'll either send them to someone in need, or if they're ready to be re"tie"red  then we'll recycle them ourselves! (This is 100% serious)
4. Control your destiny
That's right, create an account in 10 seconds and you have full control over your subscription. That means you can do all of the below and more, all by yourself. 
  • Pause or cancel your subscription
  • Change quantities
  • Change your shipping frequency
  • Add products to your subscription
  • Update billing and shipping info
5. Look Good, Feel even better
This is obvious but still needs to be said. You'll be getting the newest, toughest, and most unique ties this world has ever seen. 

So be prepared for the slew of compliments that you'll receive the second you walk out that front door. 

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the overzealous attention you will receive from your significant other and/or complete strangers.

And don't forgetabout the immediate increase in confidence you'll experience when you complete the knot and look in the mirror at the impeccably dressed, good looking and intelligent man standing before you. 

So there it is. 5 glorious reasons to join the Tough Tie team and experience the immediate benefits described above. 

But remember, to experience the FULL SUITE of benefits you have to act fast. This time next week you'll just get one tie, instead of two, the first month you subscribe.

Still awesome, but the current offer is awesomer.

So click here, or here, or hereto nail down the best necktie subscription in the world. 

Or if you don't like blue links then click on the giant green button below. It's more fun anyways. 
Shop Now
Whatever you decide to do, just know that you'll always have a special place in our heart. A smaller space if you don't subscribe, but a space nonetheless.

Skylar and Kevin,
The Tough Tie Guys. 

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