• July 22, 2020 2 min read

    How You Should Wear Socks With Shorts

    Do you remember growing up in the summer and seeing your dad in jean shorts and his signature tall white socks? If you know what we’re talking about, you know how awkward that look is, and if you don’t know, consider yourself lucky. However, times are changing and wearing tall socks with shorts is much more acceptable now, as long as you follow the rules to make the entire ensemble look awesome. If you want to learn how you should wear socks with shorts the right way, check out our guide below.

    Wear novelty socks, and own them at all costs

    Who doesn’t want to walk down the street on a hot summer day with Taco Tuesday socks? Or maybe you want to show your patriotism on the Fourth of July with the Old Glory or ’Merica socks. Either way, novelty socks look way better than plain white socks, especially when worn with shorts. Do plain white socks work? In most cases, sure. But you’re a stylish guy, and you can do better with socks that make a statement.

    But are you sure you can handle wearing Moses parting the Red Sea on your feet? Of course you can! Gentlemen, you can wear whatever you want if you’re confident. So go ahead and wear some graphic socks with your shorts and own it like the boss that you are.

    Keep the rest of your outfit simple

    Now hold up, there’s one major way you can mess up this entire outfit, and that’s by wearing too many patterns. The whole reason you wear novelty socks is to have fun and make a statement. If you wear plaid shorts with your awesome socks, you’re going to look really strange. Instead, go simple and wear solid-colored shorts like a classic tan, navy blue, or olive green. The same goes for up top; don’t overdo the outfit with graphic tees or button-downs that are pattern heavy. Otherwise, you’re going to take away from how breathtaking your socks are, and no one is going to know what to look at.

    Every guy should try some novelty socks for two reasons. First, your socks are going to be a conversation starter, especially if you know how to wear socks with shorts. Even better, you can wear graphic socks with your shorts or your suit. Talk about being the coolest guy in the conference room.

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