October 05, 2020 2 min read

How To Store Your Belt Properly

Belts are one of those things that a lot of people overlook but shouldn’t for three key reasons. First, your belt has feelings too. Second, it keeps your pants up, and third, a belt is like the cherry on top of your outfit. If belts are important enough to have reasons like these, that means you should take better care of them.

If you’ve noticed that your belts aren’t holding their natural shape or simply don’t last as long as you’d like, you might be storing them incorrectly. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We break down how to store your belt properly in our guide below; check it out.

Try Loosely Rolling Them

If you have limited closet space, rolling your belts is a great option. The key to rolling your belts is to roll loosely, especially if they’re leather belts. If you roll the belt too tightly, the leather can bend more than you want and form creases.

Now, you might be wondering, “What if I have canvas belts?” Good question. Loose rolls aren’t as important with canvas belts, but rolling them too tight over a long period of time could reduce their lifespan.

Hang Your Belts

The best way to store your belts is actually by hanging them loosely––hang loose, man! Sorry, we had to. Some people choose to drape their belts over a traditional hanger, but that can affect the shape of the belt over time.

Instead, you should hang your belts from the buckle, as this will extend the life and shape of your belt. There are several options for belt hangers, including over-the-door hooks or flat-laying wall mounts. The problem is that a lot of people don’t have room on their closet wall for hanging accessories. That said, you could get a belt hanger for your closet rod so you can still hang your belts while also maintaining closet space.

Now that you know how to store your belts properly, you’re probably thinking about all the old belts you need to replace. Nobody should wear belts with holes in them because they just look bad and they never fit right.

If you want a belt that looks great and fits perfectly, you need to upgrade to ratchet-style belts from Tough Apparel. Our belts are made to endure the toughness of everyday life while still looking stylish, but that’s not all. We also have epic ties, socks, face masks, and neck gaiters, with even more to come!

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