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How to not be a "Goob" with your Printed Socks

  Look, Printed Socks are fun.   There’s no arguing that.   They give you a chance to show off...


Look, Printed Socks are fun.


There’s no arguing that.


They give you a chance to show off some of that unique personality you have.


Maybe even parts of it that are typically buried deep deep down inside of you.


Like the part that’s obsessed with Alpacas.


Or the part that still thinks “Saved by the Bell” is the greatest show ever made.



Wearing an Alpaca or Mario Lopez t-shirt might be a little too much personality.


But, correctly wearing Alpaca or 80’s themed socks?


Ah yeah, that’s where you show people just how awesomely weird you really are without completely embarrassing yourself.  


That being said there are still some guidelines to follow to make sure your new nickname doesn’t become any of the following:


    • Goob
    • Goober
    • Goobmeister
    • Mr. Goobtastic
    • The Big G
    • Goobtube
    • Double G


Guideline #1 - Know your Environment

We’re all for showing the world your true self, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Work at a funeral home? That already says how weird you are, but maybe those zombie socks you absolutely love are still a little insensitive to wear to work. High powered attorney with a secret love for Taylor Swift? Save those t-swift socks for that next concert you and your besties attend.



The point is to be aware of your surroundings to know when it’s appropriate to let loose a little and show your true colors. That being said, if you’re not being insensitive or putting your job in jeopardy then feel free to rock those crazy foot tubes wherever you feel comfortable.


Guideline #2 - Never Pattern Clash

Clashing patterns might be acceptable in high fashion, but chances are the only runways you cover are at the airport, not the Milan fashion show.



So if you're gonna wear those donut socks then save your floral button up for another day, or vice versa. But remember, we’re just trying to avoid clashing patterns. Coordinating is still ok. Instead, pair those donut socks with a solid t that matches one of the colors in the socks. Remember, you’re trying to show people some personality, not show them that you’re fashion illiterate. Which leads us to our next and final guideline.


Guideline #3 - Build the Outfit

To give those socks, and you, the attention you deserve then you’ll need to build your outfit around them. You want the socks to be the focal point of your entire outfit so that people understand the point you’re trying to make. You can do this in both professional and casual situations. If you’re wearing a button up and slacks, stick with a solid colored button-up that coordinates with the socks.



If you’re wearing a suit and tie, stick with a solid colored shirt again, and a very subtle patterned tie that still coordinates with the socks, even if just in color. If you’re going casual with shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt look then go with un-patterned shorts and a basic un-patterned T. You can get away with a graphic T as long as it’s not overwhelming and the colors still coordinate with the socks.

Always remember, what you wear is an outward expression of who you are. So don’t be afraid to show them who you are! But, to do that AND avoid appearing on the next season of Queer Eye, then you should probably follow the above guidelines.


Ready to show the world how weird you really are?


Check out all the fun printed sock options Tough Apparel has to offer right here. 


And stay tuned for more Style tips for Normal Dudes, From Normal Dudes.

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