July 21, 2020 2 min read

How to Determine the Tie Width You Should Wear

So, you have to break out the trusty necktie, but wait! There are so many ties, some are wide, and others are skinny. It’s kind of like your friends––only they’re ties and that’s kind of weird… and sad. Anyways, how could you possibly make such a difficult decision? Well, luckily, we don’t want you to be any more awkward, so continue reading to learn how to determine the tie width you should wear.

Consider your personal height and weight

Everybody has a fluffy friend––let's call him friend A–– and if you don’t have a fluffy friend you might be a jerk, and you should work on that. On the other hand, we have friend B. You know, that B of a friend, they’re the person who can eat whatever they want and somehow never gain any weight. Given that friend A is, let’s say, “bigger” because we don’t want to offend anybody, they’ll look better in a wider or standard tie. On the other hand, friend B will look better in a thinner tie to match their rail-like build. In other words, if you’re a bigger guy, you should wear a wider tie and avoid wearing skinny ties. That said, a thinner guy should wear a skinny tie, and avoid a wide tie, but both gentlemen can totally rock a standard width tie.

If you’re wearing a suit jacket, look at your lapels

Chances are if you’re wearing a tie, you’re probably wearing a suit jacket, or if you’re more of the country club type, a “sports coat.” Either way, most guys wear ties with a jacket. An easy hack to determine the tie width you should wear is matching the width of the lapels. If you don't know what a lapel is, they’re kind of like the collar on your suit jacket, only if the collar kept running down the front of your jacket. If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, use the good––not so old––Google.

Whether you’re rocking ties every day or wearing a tie is the worst day of your life, you deserve to look sharp because you’re awesome. Unfortunately, being awesome also comes with some rules. First, you need to be a decent person––we’re talking to you jerks, get a fluffy friend! On a more serious note, you should know how to dress yourself and not look like your mom chose your outfit. Match your leathers, wear a tie that goes with the outfit which includes wearing the correct width, and of course, get your clothes tailored. Whatever width tie you go with, ultimately, you should wear the width that gives you the confidence to be your best self!

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