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    Ultimate Guide to Necktie Length

    In this guide we answer the age old question: How long should my necktie be?


    And now we’ll provide the ultimate answer for this ultimate guide and answer this ultimate question.


    The answer is…..


    It depends.


    Isn’t that the worst answer in the universe?


    It’s like asking a sales guy how much something costs and they say “It depends…”


    Depends on what? Just tell me how much it is so I can immediately act disgusted and tell you I don’t want it!


    Anyways, necktie length isn’t really your question though, is it?


    What you’re really trying to figure out is, where should my necktie end after being tied?


    Because at the end of the day that is the most important aspect of how you wear your necktie.


    Yeah, even more important than the knot.

    Because if you get this part wrong, you will look dumb.
    No exceptions.

    So instead of answering “how long should my necktie be” let’s tell you exactly where your necktie should end.

    When you're standing straight up, not hunched at all, your necktie should end right at the top of your belt buckle, give or take no more than ½ inch.


    Any shorter than this and your tie will look like a bib, not a tie.


    Any longer than this is known as a Donald.


    Yes, this does mean that if you have already tied your tie and it doesn't fall right at your belt buckle, you will need to re-tie it.


    This can be a little frustrating when you’re on your way out the door to close that million dollar deal.


    So here’s a couple tips to help you tie the perfect length, every time.  


    If you tie a Windsor knot, the best place to start is with the front of the tie hanging right at the tip of your fingers with your arms extended straight down, while standing straight up.

    Unless you have freaky long arms like Kevin, this works for most people.

    If the finished length isn’t right where you need it to be then adjust and try again. Remember right where the tie needs to before tying, to get it right every single time in the future.


    If you tie a half windsor, like Kevin and other heathens, then you can pull the tie up to the base of your fingers where they connect to your hand.

    This should get the tie right at your belt buckle but if not, follow the same adjustment steps from above and then remember that exact spot on your hand for future tying.


    If you tie anything but a windsor or half windsor, we really can’t help you because we don’t believe in anything else but these two knots.


    Obviously height and weight play a role here as well.


    Typical ties are 58” which accommodates most guys up to around 6’1” tall. Anything above that and you’ll want to opt for a longer tie, otherwise that tail won’t go through the tie keeper in the back and will likely go rogue throughout the day.


    Tough Ties combat this by providing two tie keepers on the back of the tie. The top keeper has also been moved a couple inches higher than normal ties, providing a higher likelihood of being able to get the tail through a keeper.


    If 58” is just too short, all Standard width Tough Ties run 3-4 inches longer and, combined with the higher tie keeper, can accommodate gentle giants all the way up to around 6’ 6”.

    All this being said though, remember the golden rule for tie length.

    The tip of the tie must sit right at the top of your belt buckle when you’re standing straight up.

    Or Gordon Ramsey will show up to your business meeting and put bread on your face, creating an incredibly embarrassing situation.


    It happened to me once. I'm not proud of it.

    We hope this Ultimate Guide to How long your necktie should be has been helpful!

    Written by Skylar Bennett

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