September 28, 2017 1 min read

Have you ever seen a phone screen after a toddler is done with it?

It's as if all of the world's graham crackers and goldfish have been combined into one thick nasty paste and then shot onto the screen with a splatter gun. 

I'm not even sure how it's possible to be that grimy....but it is. 

The problem then becomes removing the substance.

You can always try rubbingthe phone on your shirt or pants, but that'll just smear it more and leave crackers on your clothes.

You can do the good ole' "finger lick and rub"which works well to remove chunks, but then leaves spit residue on the screen. 

Or you can use your Tough Tie. That's right, every single Tough Tie comes standard with microfiber backing so you can actually CLEAN the glass screen instead of simply swirling the nasties around.

Once you've collected a family of smooshed goldfish on the microfiber simply throw the tie in the wash and watch it come out like new.

It'll also work after your greasy friend uses your phone. Or that girl who wears WAY too much makeup. 

So check out our entire lineup of Tough Ties hereand never worry about phone grime again. 

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