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EW…..GROSS…..I HATE THAT CRAP (What sets us apart)

Just another apparel company that’s going to post like crazy on social media right? Well, ya, we do post quite...

Just another apparel company that’s going to post like crazy on social media right? Well, ya, we do post quite a bit on the IG, but we’d like to believe we’re way cooler than the other guys. We’d like to believe we actually are different, and especially different than every other necktie company on the market. So here it is, an extensive list of what makes us different and why you should care!

#1 - Materials

Gosh dang we love polyester. And before you go and say, EW…..GROSS…..I HATE THAT CRAP, just settle down and listen. Polyester has come a long way since your Grandpa’s sky blue jumper that he wore to get the mail every day. Nowadays Polyester can look, feel and act like pretty much any material out there. And it’s typically cheaper and more durable than any other material too. Did we mention it’s made from recycled materials? See what we mean? There’s a reason so many things are made from this sci-fi material. And trust us we tested other materials. Cotton stained too easy and wrinkled like a grandma’s butt cheeks. Silk is more delicate than a woman’s lingerie. Kevlar was a little too thick to tie a full windsor. So at the end of the day Polyester was the clear winner, and we love it.

Check out how Polyester is made here

#2 - 100% Machine Washable

There’s a few other neckties that claim to be “washable”. Some you have to wash by hand (who has time for that?). Others are said to be machine washable because they’re polyester, but 9 out of 10 times the liner will twist like your significant other in the middle of the night, which ruins the shape and structure of the tie. Not to mention the abuse of washing and wearing usually pops the stitches out. One stitch gone and the whole thing is gone! So we started from scratch. We developed our ties from the ground up with Machine Washing in mind. This means there’s no floating liner that can twist in the wash. The liner in our ties is “fused” to the main fabric becoming permanently attached while still providing a beautiful shape and structure. This is part of our patent-pending design.

#3 - Made in the USA

Nuff’ Said

Made In USA The Tough Tie

#4 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

It’s the little things that make a massive difference in life. That’s why we’ve incorporated a microfiber cleaning cloth into our ties so that you can clean your phone screen, watch face, glasses, etc. on the fly. Props to Kevin’s wife, Janis, for that brilliant idea.

#5 - 5x Stronger Seam

Ever noticed how unbelievably loose the stitching is on your tie? It’s as if it was sewn by a frail elderly person who didn’t have the strength to pull the stitching tight. That means most ties fall apart with regular use. If standard ties are in-fact sewn by the elderly, then in comparison ours are sewn by the Hulk. Our main seam is 5 times stronger than a standard tie which means they’ll never fall apart.The Hulk Sewing _ The Tough Tie

#6 - Strategically Placed Keepers

Again, it’s the little things. We have strategically placed our tie keepers on the back of the tie so that regardless of your height or neck girth you should be able to get the skinny part through a keeper. Nothing is more frustrating than having the skinny part flailing around causing a ruckus.

#7 - Patent Pending Design

The combination of the above mixed with our production process makes Tough Ties unlike any other tie on Earth.

Patent Pending _ The Tough Tie

So there it is. 7 reasons why you should choose a Tough Tie next time you get dressed up. Check out our new sizes and styles now at

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