August 08, 2017 3 min read

I got suckered. I’ll come right out and say it. I’m not proud of it.  And it’s not the first time. But it sucked, nonetheless.

“How did you get suckered?” You might be asking. Well let me tell you……

I was surfing the FB a couple weeks before Father’s day and came across an ad for a watch. This wasn’t any normal watch though, this was a special watch that had an RPM gauge instead of an hour hand, and a speedometer instead of a minute hand.

I’m not a big watch guy, but I am a big car guy, so this caught my attention. I immediately imagined myself showing up to automotive events where the norm would be Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

I would roll up in my Toyota Camry and people would begin to mock me, until they saw my incredible automotive inspired wristwatch, and then they would accept me with open arms into their exclusive clubs.

Sorry……got a little carried away.  The point is I thought it was fun and different, so I hinted to Danica that it would be a good Father’s day gift. Two weeks later, on Father’s Day, I opened my gift and pulled out the watch.

While it looked the same as the one in the facebook ad, It didn’t take long for me to realize that it probably wouldn’t gain me access into any exclusive car clubs.

The gauges were fake and the needles didn’t even move with the time. To actually tell the time you had to push one of the side buttons and it would emit a blast of blue light behind the gauges indicating what time it was. Way less cool than I was hoping.

And since you couldn’t simply look at the watch and tell the time, it would automatically light up every five minutes on its own and blind anything within a 50 meter radius. Had I worn the watch to a movie I would’ve been beaten up before the trailers ended.

Needless to say the watch sat on my desk for 3 weeks until the battery died. 

*I feel like I need a disclaimer for Danica here. She's incredible and this is in no way a reflection of her gifting abilities. She simply got me something that I stupidly asked for. She also surprised me with something awesome that actually works. 

Unfortunately you don’t always know what you’re getting when you randomly order things from China through a FB ad. Five years ago we ordered a Phone Case online and got a flashlight instead….that took some form of Chinese batteries….that weren’t included.

The point is it sucks to be suckered. You feel betrayed, frustrated, and even embarrassed.

At Tough Tie, we make it a point not to sucker people.

In fact we are so intent on providing high quality Neckties that some would probably call us control freaks.

And we’re ok with that. We love the ability to hop in a car and drive 6 hours to see exactly who and how our ties are being made.

This ensures you get the highest quality necktie you’ve ever owned, and the only one that’s been battle tested in a Tough Mudder.

There’s also no middle man, no room for error, no disappointment, no worthless flashlights.

Just pure happiness and satisfaction. And if that’s not the case then you can simply send the tie back with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That’s just how we roll here at Tough Tie.

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