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    Tim: HI, I’M  TIM!






    Me: YEP, I DO!


    If you heard yelling while you read that then you are spot on. Just up the volume in your head by about 10x and it will be even more accurate.


    Last week I finally met the Dr. that my wife, Danica, a PA, has been working with for the past 18 months. I feel like I know this guy on almost an intimate level (non-creepy intimate) because I’ve heard so much about him over the past year and a half. Obviously I don’t know him that well since this was the first time we had ever met.


    The problem with our introduction was the venue. Danica’s employer has a box at Talking Stick Arena here in Phoenix, and we were invited to see “The Weeknd” in concert. Without really even knowing who that was (I can’t feel my face when I’m with you!!) Danica accepted and we went.

    If you’ve ever been to any concert ever you know that they all have one thing in common; they’re insanely loud! Like freight train in your face loud. Trying to have a normal conversation during a concert is like trying to solve a rubik’s cube blindfolded...and public. It’s really difficult, super confusing, and typically really awkward.


    It involves a lot of head nodding, fake laughing, and agreeing to things without really having any clue what the other person is actually saying. I probably could have told Tim that I was a professional mermaid hunter and he would have smiled, nodded, and said something like “That’s interesting.”


    Combine first-time intros at a concert with the obscene opening music going on in the background and we had the ultimate recipe for successful relationship building.  



    Fortunately at the end of the night we all grew accustomed to yelling at each other and everyone had a good time.


    The point of this story is that life is full of awkward situations. Sometimes they turn out awesome and sometimes they don’t.


    For instance, accidentally wearing a stained necktie in public is only awkward, not awesome at all.

    But, being able to wash your necktie and prevent that awkward situation all-together is 100% awesome sauce. And that’s really what we’re about here at The Tough Tie.


    Don’t get me wrong, we love the stories that come from life’s awkward encounters, but when you’re wearing a necktie odds are you mean business. And when you mean business the last thing you want is to have your groove thrown off by that 3 week old mustard stain.


    So do yourself a favor and throw that nasty tie out and replace it with one that will give you the confidence you need to take the bull by the horns, in any situation. 


    Skylar & Kevin

    The Tough Tie Guys

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