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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Belt

Are you the kind of guy who’s still drilling fresh holes into his belt? We've put together a guide to...

We’ve all been there—putting on a belt that looks ragged at best, not to mention you’re frustrated with the excess leather making your outfit look awkward. You may wonder if you’ll ever find the perfect belt. Well, we know you will. Check out our guide to finding the perfect belt.

Know your waist size

Before you can begin shopping for a new belt, you should have a rough idea what your waist size is. We typically suggest sizing up slightly. For instance, if you wear a 36 in pants, plan on a 38. That way you won’t have to worry too much about squeezing in, if you know what we mean. And seriously, guys, stop drilling new holes in your belt; it looks tacky and unkempt. Just pull the trigger and get a new belt.

A versatile belt collection

As guys, many of us don’t want to have a bunch of belts, and heaven forbid you’re still wearing the reversible belt your mom gave you. Every guy should have three belts: black leather, brown leather, and fabric in a different color. That way you’ll have plenty of options, and you can be a more polished and stylish guy by matching your belt to your outfit or other accessories. Don’t be that guy who goes into the office wearing black dress shoes with a brown belt—we’re trying to help you.

Just get a ratchet belt

The bottom line to finding the perfect belt is getting ratchet belts. The reason is simple: you can cut the strap to your size, and the track allows you to adjust down to a quarter inch. In other words, you’ll certainly have the perfect fit with a ratchet belt. Remember all those worn-out holes for your belt? You won’t see those anymore with a ratchet belt. Not to mention, you can customize a ratchet belt by changing out the buckles as you wish.

Men should always wear a belt because it’s a lot like a wristwatch––it completes the outfit. Matching your leathers, wearing a watch, and knowing how to dress yourself without Mom’s help will certainly take your style to the next level. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mom’s fashion sense, it’s just––how do we say it?––less than great.

We know you’re intrigued by these ratchet-style belts now, and rightfully so. Look no further than Tough Belts from Tough Apparel. Our belts are guaranteed to be life-proof and provide exceptional comfort all day long. Check out our site today, and get yourself some Tough Belts. That way, we won’t have to take your style card away.

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