• June 09, 2020 2 min read

    You know you’ve seen it before. That one guy who always dresses better than everybody else, but what’s his secret? Well, the devil’s in the details.

    First, his mom didn’t dress him. Second, he probably follows the fashion rules. Third, he wears cool, colorful socks! Oh, he also reads blogs like these—so you’re doing that right, at least.

    So to be a more stylish guy, you need some colorful socks (we can’t help you with the mom thing). Regardless, check out our guide on how to wear colorful socks.

    Rock those colorful socks proudly

    You only need one characteristic to wear colorful socks the right way—confidence. So if you’re wearing socks with sprinkle doughnuts on them or Moses parting the sea, do so proudly! Nobody can bring down a confident man with doughnuts on his socks. Now just to be clear, it doesn’t matter how confident you are—if the colors are clashing, you kind of look like a fool. Which leads us to the next point.

    Don’t clash colors

    It’s okay for your socks to make a statement, but a statement within reason. Let’s say you’re wearing some nice olive-green chinos with a light-blue oxford button-down shirt.

    Classic look that’s hard to mess up, right? Your sock choice could certainly mess that outfit up if your colors are clashing. For instance, if you’re wearing bright-red socks with your olive-green chinos, you’re going to look more like a Christmas elf than a stylish guy.

    Try matching the socks with your outfit

    Colorful socks are a great addition to any outfit. Your casual outfit will go from basic to epic, and you’ll be the coolest guy at the office with your awesome socks. That’s right, even if you’re going for a business or sales meeting in a suit and tie, wear those doughnut or polka dot socks. Who’s looking at your socks in a business meeting anyway? Even if they are, now you have a conversation starter.

    Bonus tip: Be modern and wear shorter pants

    Now obviously we’re not telling you to wear capris because that would probably make everyone uncomfortable. But let's say you normally wear a 32 inseam—why not try a 30 to show off those cool socks? Or if you’re wearing jeans, start cuffing them so people can see your amazing novelty dress socks. Basically, you can show off those socks confidently regardless of what you’re wearing, just make sure you’re putting some effort into coordinating.

    Whether you think you're a stylish guy or not, you should know how to wear colorful socks. Sometimes we all need a refresher, and that’s why we’re here to help you. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about style on social media, blogs (like these), and more.

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