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5 Men's Accessories Every Man Should Own

This list of Men's Essential Accessories could be 20 items long. But we've paired it down to the 5 Accessories that we think are the most "Essential" of all the...

This list of Men's Essential Accessories could be 20 items long. But we've paired it down to the 5 Accessories that we think are the most "Essential" of all the essentials. 

1. A quality Wallet


Until we go fully "digital", having a high quality man-pouch to carry all those important “goods” around is a must. From bi-folds to tri-folds and Leather to titanium, there's something for just about every type of guy out there. Kevin rocks the genuine leather zip wallet from Undivided, which easily and safely holds all that plastic.


I’m more old-school, or maybe just old, and carry a Palm West Money Clip Style Wallet. It’s slim, basically bullet and butt-proof, and provides easy access to all those Hamilton's I carry around. Whatever butt-brick you decide to use just make sure it's made from high quality materials and has RFID protection.


2. Sunglasses

Every guy needs a go-to pair of shades. Whether you’re driving, people watching, or just loungin' in the backyard, having the right pair of Sunglasses can be the difference between misery and magnificence on a day out. Similar to wallets, there’s a never-ending supply of options out there, but whatever you choose make sure they check the following 3 boxes.

  • 100% UV Protection – If they’re not protecting your eyes they’re just a piece of plastic sitting on your face. And if all you want is plastic on your face then tie a string around that empty water bottle and put it around your head. It’s cheaper and just as effective.


  • Polarized – Imagine this, you’re driving your boat at 60MPH across the lake when the glare blinds you and you plow straight into a gaggle of lake dolphins. If your shades were polarized you would have seen the gaggle in time to swerve. Real story.


  • You love them – The only other thing that should be this close to your face is your smokin’ hot wife. So make sure you love those sunglasses almost as much as her.


Kev is an avid Knockarounds guy. I….am blind. So I rock a pair of prescription glasses from Zenni. Lame, I know, but I still picked a pair that I love as much as Danica.



3. Black Leather Dress Belt

People say Dogs are Man’s Best Friend. We disagree. Does your dog commit its entire life to keeping your pants up? Does it hug you for hours and hours on end, even when you sit on it? Does it double as a whip or rope in dire situations? Exactly. Your belt takes care of you like your dog never could. But not just any leather dress belt will do. You need a black leather belt. And if you really wanna be a man make it a black leather ratchet belt.



Ratchet belts not only keep your pants perfectly in place while you’re chopping wood with your shirt off, they also make great animal traps. Even if you're not a lumberjack a leather ratchet belt is perfect for work, school, church, dates, or just to Netflix and chill.


4. Wrist Watch

A man’s watch will tell you more about him than probably any other item on this list. If you’re a real watch snob, I mean aficionado, you opt for the automatic watch that recharges every time you shake hands after closing another million dollar deal. If you still live on planet earth though you’ve likely had the more common quartz watch. If you like to feel like you’re in shape without ever working out you grab a fitness watch. Or if you prefer constant interruptions during conversations you’ve opted for a smart watch. Honestly though, any watch will do when your main purpose is to stay on top of your life and your schedule like a boss. Kevin rocks plenty of Nixon watches while I’ve opted for the fitness watch. Pretty sure I burn 300 cals every time I put it on.


5. Pocket Knife

This is probably one of the less common, but insanely beneficial men’s essentials. I am blown away at how often I need a knife throughout the day. Whether it’s opening a box, cutting a thread or simply stabbing bad guys I am constantly pulling my pocket knife out of my back pocket. And no you don’t need to be “that guy” that has a ridiculously large knife protruding out of his pants. In fact, the more discrete the knife is, the better. This way people don’t look at you like you’re a criminal when you’re strolling through Costco. It also won’t jab you every time you sit down. Kevin has carried a Gerber Box Cutter for years which looks like a simple money clip, is super small, durable, and uses replaceable blades, which means that knife stays sharper than a serpent’s tongue. What does that even mean?


So there you have it, 5 Must Have Men’s Essentials for Every Guy.

We hope this list helps you as you continue your epic adventure through life.  


Skylar & Kevin,

Tough Apparel Guys



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