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4 Reasons to Buy Less Fast Fashion and More High Quality Apparel

Black Turtle NeckLevis Blue JeansWhite New Balance ShoesYou probably pictured Steve Jobs after "Black Turtle Neck". The dude literally wore the same thing...

Black Turtle Neck
Levis Blue Jeans
White New Balance Shoes

You probably pictured Steve Jobs after "Black Turtle Neck". 

The dude literally wore the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

While I'm not a big fan of Turtle Necks, or dad pants, or grandpa shoes, I do think Steve was onto something here.

And it's not just eclectic techies that practice a paired down wardrobe like this. 

Powerhouses like Simon Cowell, President Obama, and Christopher Nolan are known for sticking to the same basics every single day.


Shoot, even Fashion Designers like Giorgio Armani and Michael Korspeople you would assume never wear the same thing twice,  wear the same thing almost every day!

So why would powerful people like this put such a strict limit on their wardrobe?

There's a bunch of reasons, but to name a few...

1. Frees up mental bandwidth
Spending less time deciding what to wear frees up mental bandwidth for more important decisions. 

2. Saves money
Buying a few high quality items vs. a bunch of low-quality clothes saves you lots of money long term. 

i.e. - I spent $90 on a pair of Clark boots that I've worn 5-6 times/week for the past 15 months straight.
My $40 Shoe Depot dress shoes fell apart after 3 months of normal use. 


3. Helps the environment
According to Elizabeth Cline the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothes every year. 

4. Creates more Peace
Instead of feeling like you're drowning in a sea of cotton when you look in your closet, you'll feel peace and calm. 

So why the heck would an apparel company be talking about the benefits of owning less....apparel? 

Because the key to these benefits is to buy fewer, higher quality clothes and accessories, that easily coordinate with each other. 

Rather than cheap, fast fashion clothes that go out of style in 12 days but fall apart in 9. 

When you buy any of our Ties, Belts or Socks you're buying high quality gear that's designed to make you look good and last a long long time. 

Which will give you the confidence to finally get rid of those neckties you swear you'll wear one day, but we both know you never will.

So here's a few Tough Tie staples to start with that'll make you look the part no matter the occasion, never go out of style, and last long enough to get more than your money's worth. 

Navy matches with almost everything and the white dots pop off the background giving the tie just the right amount of personality. 

Stripes are an essential for every guys professional wardrobe. Pink never goes out of style and gives an otherwise mundane tie a pop of excitement.

Every man needs to own one, just one, solid black tie. Why not make it a Tough Tie that'll last forever? 

Light Brown to match your shoes and a flat Gun Metal Buckle to pull everything together. Stylish & Practical.

Just like a slim black tie, every guy needs a trusty black belt. There's no trustier than a Ratchet Style Black Tough Belt with a Brushed Silver Buckle. Timeless & Classic. 

Skylar & Kevin,

The Tough Tie Guys


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