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If you already have a ratchet belt then you understand the mind blowing comfort and instant game changer that they are. With cut-to-fit sizing and 42 micro adjustments it’s nearly impossible to find a better fitting belt. But even we will admit that they’re different from a normal belt and require a little getting used to.


The 3 minute learning curve is undoubtedly worth the effort,but beyond simply learning how to size and wear the belt there’s a few expert tips that will take your love of ratchet belts to soaring new heights.


Expert Tip #1 - Tighten to Loosen


Just like Doc Hudson telling Lightning McQueen to turn right to go left, this tip seems a little counterintuitive, but it makes sense when you think about it. Contrary to popular belief Ratchet belts don’t operate with magic. In fact, they work by using a mechanism on the back of the buckle that locks into the track on the back of the strap. When there’s high tension on the mechanism, as in, when you cinch the belt, it makes the connection between the buckle and the track stronger than the sword in the stone. This makes it nearly impossible to pull the lever and release the belt. But by simply pushing the strap slightly further into the buckle to release the tension, you’ve now freed up the mechanism to easily lift away from the track by pulling the lever. This is most common on the plaque style buckles that use a lever on the bottom of the buckle.


We don’t want to admit that we’ve had two customers who literally cut their belts off their waste in a frenzy to get their pants down to mount the porcelain throne, but we’ve undeniably had that. So instead of putting yourself through such a traumatic and scarring situation, just follow this tip next time.


Expert Tip #2 - Push the strap to remove the buckle

Spot the theme? This might sound like tip #1 but this time we’re referring to actually removing the buckle from off the end of the strap. When you first get the belt, the buckle and strap are separate from each other. To size the belt, typically you attach the buckle, put the belt on, figure out how much you want to cut off, then remove the buckle, cut the strap and then replace the buckle. The problem is trying to remove the buckle to cut the strap. Those metal teeth on the buckle bite into the leather deeper than Edward on Bella, and trying to open the clasp with your fingernail is a guaranteed way to practice swearing.


Instead, simply push the belt strap further into the connection slot on the buckle until the clasp pops open. It might be a little hard the first time but we promise it’s easier than sacrificing your fingernail. And it will make swapping buckles or cutting the strap shorter a much more enjoyable experience.




Expert Tip #3 - Hang it Up

If ratchet belts last 300 times longer than normal belts, then properly storing your ratchet belt will make it last 5,000 times longer. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the fact remains that taking care of your belt, in addition to pretty much everything else, makes it last longer. So rather than keeping your belt on your pants and throwing it on the closet floor like a heathen, take your belt off your pants, wrap it around your closet rod and ratchet it into place. Keeping it up off the ground will keep the leather nice, prevent the buckle from getting scratched, and just keep it functioning better overall.



There you have it. These 3 Expert Tips should help you enjoy the perfect fitting comfort of your Tough Apparel Ratchet Belt more than ever before.


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And stay tuned for more Style tips for Normal Dudes, From Normal Dudes.

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