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Meg·a: adjective: very large; huge. So are we saying that this Royal Blue Tie is huge? Well, no. That would be weird. What we are saying is that your ability to slay will be huge when you put this blue beauty around your neck. Look, you’re an awesome person. You crush it and you know that. But having the confidence boosting power of this tie will take your slay-ability from Grande to straight up Mega. How do we know that? Because everything with Mega in it does that. Don’t believe us?


MegaMan – Slays Dr. Wily.

Megastars – Slay Instagram.

Megalodon – Slayed pretty much everything in it’s path.  


According to this decisive research our point is proven. And this Royal blue tie is no exception. Add to that liquid repellent fabric which repels any potential confidence killing stains, and microfiber tipping for you to clean your glass screens on the fly and this Tough Tie will take your game to a level only few have attained. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get MEGA with this Royal Blue Tie from Tough Apparel.



Mega - Royal Blue Tie - Tough Apparel

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