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It's a bird! It's a plane! No it' wait, yeah, you're right. It is a bird. This White Floral Bird Tie actually has a bird perching on one of the flowers. Aww, he's so cute! That's also exactly what all the ladies will be saying when they see you wearing the Finch. Floral ties are huge right now in the tie game, and plaid has always been popular; but nobody except you will be rocking a floral, plaid BIRD tie! "You know, nothing says 'This dude is dope' like a motherflippin' finch, am I right?" (Classic Winston quote from New Girl, you gotta watch the show. 10/10)


This White Floral Bird Tie has a little bit of everything, just like Tough Ties in general! Tough Ties are built to not only help you look incredible (obviously), but they're also built to last forever! They are Liquid and Stain Repellent, making sure that nothing covers up the Finch on this tie. It's also 100% Machine Washable, making sure that the bird always stays clean and fresh. And we may call this the Finch Tough Tie, but don't be afraid to name all the little birds on your tie. They also need your love.

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Finch - White Floral Bird Tie - Tough Apparel