“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here.” Or should I say, the Infinity Tie is. This titan of an Orchid Tie is named after the most infamous purple titan that ever lived, Thanos. He worked tirelessly for an accessory to help him conquer the galaxy; for him it was a gauntlet, but for you, it's this Tough Tie. With the confidence and supremacy this tie will bring, no one will stand in your way. The only way to stop you would be by going for your head.


Of all the stones Thanos collected, the purple stone is the Power Stone, which is exactly what this Infinity Tough Tie is made out of: sheer and raw power. So powerful that it is Stain and Liquid Repellent. So powerful that the iron-lock stitching makes unravelling impossible. So powerful that the built-in microfiber cloth will wipe away that single drop of blood they worked so hard to spill. So powerful that when you put this Orchid tie around your neck, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you desire, at the 'snap' of your fingers. Don't even consider wearing other ties because if you do all you'll be thinking is: "You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me."



Infinity - Orchid Tie - Tough Apparel