Do you have that one friend that is constantly happy all day, every day, no matter the situation? Sometimes you wanna be them and other times you want to punch them in the face. Well, for those times you want to be them simply put this light yellow tie around your neck and voilà! Happiness is upon you. You’ll immediately know all of the lyrics to that Pharrell song that you typically just repeat the same three words to. You’ll also find yourself smiling more often, saying hello to your neighbor, and possibly even putting the toilet seat down occasionally.


Just wait till you get that first tie stain but then machine wash it and see it come out good as new. That’s a step above happiness, that’s pure joy. Not to mention the feeling you’ll have when you clean your phone screen with the microfiber tipping on the back for the first time. Yep, this light yellow tie really will create more Sunshine in your life.



Sunshine - Light Yellow Tie - Tough Apparel