If you ask most people what the most famous rivers are, you'll probably hear the Nile, the Amazon, or the Mississippi. But if you were to ask them where the rivers originate from, most probably won't know! But, the Nile River, one of the well known rivers in the world, is sourced by Lake Victoria in Africa. This Light Purple Gingham Tie is named after Lake Victoria, and just like the Lake Victoria, this Victoria Tough Tie will be why everyone will remember who you are.


Just like Lake Victoria feeds into the Nile River, the Victoria will feed you everlasting confidence that you need to go and crush life! This Light Purple Gingham Tie will be your source of strength in any endeavors you pursue. And to help with that, the Victoria is built different and stronger than any other tie in existence. It is Machine Washable and Liquid Repellent to help keep it clean and stain proof, even from lake water. And it has an Iron Lock Stitching to prevent ripping and tearing, making it strong enough to resist the waters of the Nile. So when you're in need of some support and strength, you can always rely on the Victoria to be that source.


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Victoria - Light Purple Gingham Tie - Tough Apparel