Tahiti. What's the first thing that came to mind when you read that? If you're like me you immediately think of the insanely beautiful, crystal clear water. I've never even been there and this is still the first thing I think of. A simple Google image search will have you day-drooling about your next beach vacation for the next 6 hours. So in honor of that almost unbelievable beauty we've partnered with Hawaiian artist Masikuvui on this hand sketched, Light Blue Tribal tie, aptly named Tahiti. Swimming with tribal stingrays and Tahitian Tribal stripes this tie will make you as unique as the clear water it was inspired by. Ironically this sky blue tie is also stain and liquid repellent which will keep you looking clean and sharp day after day. 

Tahiti - Light Blue Tribal Tie - Tough Apparel

Hand Drawn by: Masikuvui  (Tyler Brown)

Digitally Designed by: Isaiah Oliphant

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tie with strong stitching