Forest Canvas Ratchet Belt & Buckle Set

When would you ever wear a green canvas ratchet belt? Whenever the heck you want to, that's when. This belt isn't meant to match anything in particular, it's just meant to help you look and feel like a BA. Wear hiking, camping, golfing, shopping, laser tagging and everywhere in-between. Grab the set with the buckle that makes you smile and then experience the ultimate comfort that this green beauty provides.

  • One Size Fits All --> toddler size up to men's pant size 60.

*Matching Rule of Thumb

This belt believes that rules are a myth created by Masons. In other words. There are no rules here. 

"Ratchet Belt" is a term used for a belt that has no holes, sometimes called a click belt or automatic belt. Instead of holes, it functions like a re-usable zip tie, with a track system inside the back of the strap, and a locking mechanism on the back of the buckle.  

One size. They are 66 inches long, which is up to a Men's 60 pant size. Belt and buckle set is about 1.5" or 40mm in height.

Anything smaller can easily be cut down to fit.

If your belt is showing, match it to your shoes.