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You may want to wear this Floral Silhouette Plum Tie whenever you venture out of the house if you're living in Anchorage, Alaska. Why? You might ask. Anchorage is home to 250 Black Bears and 60 Grizzly Bears living within city boundaries. Are you kidding me right now?? That means the chances of you being greeted by a 600 lb. Meat Eating Machine while walking to your car after work are probably higher in Anchorage than anywhere else in the world. 


But here's the good news. Tough Ties give you Confidence. So as long as you have that plum tie clad around your neck you'll be completely prepared for Man-to-Paw combat. Forgot your bear spray? No worries. Simply jump on the bear's back and use your Tough Tie to put the sleeper hold on Smoky until he's dreaming of a day he didn't meet the world's most confident man. Then use your Tough Tie, standard with special Iron-Lock Stitching, to tie the bear up. This'll prevent him from harassing your smokin' hot co-worker Jill, that you now have the confidence to ask out on a date. Yep, you'll be prepared for any situation when you're wearing The Anchorage Tough Tie. 

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Floral Silhouette Plum Tie - Anchorage