Sometimes not speaking says more than all the words in the world. That’s the motto of the D.C., our light gray necktie with small white dots. It’s subtle, natural and refined, just like you. It doesn’t need to scream for attention with loud colors or a loud pattern. Instead, It simply compliments you and every other aspect of your outfit. Pair with a navy suit or a soft, colored shirt for best results. Available in slim 2.5” width or standard width.

👔 How it helps you:

  • Water-Proof material that repels spills and stains
  • MACHINE Washable (no dry cleaning necessary)
  • Microfiber back tipping to clean your phone or glasses
  • Snag-Proof fabric to keep your tie looking sharp
  • Each pattern is custom designed and printed to help you express your personality
  • Light Grey with White Dots - D.C.

👔 Sizing:

  • Slim / Skinny: 2.5" Width | 58" Length
  • Standard: 3.25" Width | 61.5" Length (Extra Long)

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