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Standard-Width Ties

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From the businessman to the fashion trailblazer, there’s always one shared, lingering thought during every clothing purchase: How easy will this be to clean? When it comes to Tough Apparel ties, cleaning couldn’t get any easier. Our ties are liquid repellent, allowing spilled beverages to roll right off. If liquid or dirt does linger, don’t worry—our ties can go right into your normal wash.

In this collection, all products are standard-width ties, which measure 3.25” across. This tie size is ideal for those who are broader in the chest or those with a wide lapel on their suit jacket. In either of these cases, a 3” to 3.25” tie will help balance your attire. Whether you ultimately choose a standard width or skinny tie, at the end of the day, what matters most is what you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Shop all standard width ties for sale above.